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The answer is chlorine because it has 17 protons and oxygen has 8. Seventeen is closer to 53 which is the atomic number of iodine.

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What elements are more similar to chlorine?

Fluorine , Bromine , Iodine are similar to chlorine. They are non-metals placed in group-17.

Is chlorine more electronegative than iodine?

Chlorine is more electronegative than iodine.

Which halogen is more active chlorine bromine or iodine?

chlorine is more active than bromine which is more active than iodine

Would fluorine's chemical properties more closely resemble those of oxygen or those of chlorine?

Fluorine is more chemically similar to chlorine than it is to oxygen. Fluorine and chlorine both have 7 valance electrons, whereas oxygen has 6.

Is iodine corrosive?

Both iodine and chlorine cause various degrees of corrosion. However, the corrosion effect of chlorine is dramatically more than iodine.

Is chlorine more electronegative than oxygen?

Oxygen is more electronegative than chlorine. The electronegativity of oxygen is 3.44 and that of chlorine is 3.16 on the Pauling scale.

Which one has more electronegative chlorine or iodine?

Chlorine is more electro negative.Iodine has the lowest among halogens

What three elements does lead react with?

It reacts with more than 3. It reacts with oxygen, Fluorine, chlorine, bromine and Iodine. It can also react with nitrogen, sulfur and phosphorous

What element is astatine more similar to?


What gasses are the world made of?

The world's atmosphere includes Nitrogen, Oxygen, Hydrogen, Carbon Dioxide, Helium, Argon, Radon, Fluorine, Chlorine, Bromine, Iodine, Neon, and more.

Which has more electron affinity oxygen or chlorine?

Electron affinity of chlorine is far grater than oxygen. For oxygen, its value is 141 KJ/mole whereas for Chlorine, it is 349 KJ/mole. Thus, adding an electron is more favourable in case of a gaseous chlorine atom

Why are bromine and iodine denser than fluorine and chlorine?

theyhave more neutrons and protons

Would you expect the bolling point of chlorine to be higher or lower than that of iodine explain?

The boiling point of iodine (184.3 0C) is substantially higher than the boiling point of chlorine (-34 0C). Each element occurs at standard temperature and pressure as diatomic molecules; iodine molecules have substantially more mass than chlorine molecules; dispersion forces will be higher beween iodine molecules as they have more electrons than chlorine molecules. Both these factors contribute, mass will alomost certainly be the predominant factor.

Which three elements have molecules made up of two atoms?

There are more than three such elements: at least hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, fluorine, chlorine, bromine, and iodine, probably also astatine.

Are halogens colorless?

No. Fluorine and chlorine are more or less green, bromine is orange, and iodine is violet to red.

What elements react with copper?

Not with oxygen, more easily with chlorine and fluorine.

Why are small quantities of chloroflorocarbons harmful to the ozone layer?

Free oxygen atoms can replace the chlorine in chlorine monoxide, releasing a free atom of chlorine which can then recombine with an oxygen atom in ozone, destroying more ozone.

Why is iodine used to make a wet mount?

Iodine will help many cells which are difficult to see become more visible. When the iodine contacts the oxygen in the cell, that portion turns black making the sample more visible.

Is their iodine in alcohol?

No, alcohol (or more technically ethanol) is a compound of hydrogen, carbon, and oxygen

How does chlorine catalyze the destruction of ozone?

Chlorine has been found at high altitudes. Oxygen can be bonded with chlorine, since it is more electronegative than chlorine. Under solar irradiation present at the elevation of the "ozone layer", chlorine can be excited to take an oxygen atom from the ozone molecule, and later yield that oxygen atom up to a passing oxygen atom that might otherwise make ozone. It can even pass the lone oxygen on to another ozone molecule, forming 2O2 molecules. The chlorine is then in a receptive state to do it again.

Why is oxygen more electronegative than chlorine?

oxygen is the second highly electronagetivity elements. they make the bond easily then the clorine.....

Iodoform gives the precipitate with AgNO3 on heating while chloroform does not Give reasons?

Well the covalent bond between chlorine and carbon will of greater strength than between iodine and carbon, since chlorine has a greater electronegativity and so is attracted to the bonded pair of electrons more strongly than iodine and so iodine will be able to be donated to the AgNO3 and react to form the AgI precipitate much more readily.

A halogenated hydrocarbon is?

A compound containing one or more of the halogen elements (fluorine, chlorine, bromine, and iodine) but mainly hydrogen and carbon.

Why are bromine and iodine much denser than fluorine and chlorine?

it is fatter and bigger there fore is heavier so has more protons and neutrons

Are iodine compounds more reactive than chlorine compounds?

I think so... but i would check the Periodic table to make sure if i were you

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