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Is it Good for defense if prosecution makes motion to amend indictment?


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It depends on HOW they amend it. If they reduce the charge - you're good. If they amend it upwards - not so good.

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The word amend means to change. So a motion to amend indictment means a motion to change the indictment.

Not enough information is disclosed in the question. Has the arraignment already occurred? Has the Grand Jury handed down the indictment yet? Is this an additional indictment, or added charge?

If the Prosecution wishes to add, change, clarify or remove charges from an Indictment, they make a motion for Leave to Amend the Information (the wording may vary by state). Leave, in this case, means permission. The Information is the list of charges and specific details they're accusing someone of committing.

It means to propose a change to a Motion.

So long as a court has not ruled on a pending Motion to Dismiss, you may amend your complaint.

You are asking the court to amend your response to the original complaint brought against you.

In general, no. You should write your own motion.

No, he can not; a judge must hear both accounts of the event before reaching a jurisdiction.Another View: Judges play no part in the indictment process. ONLY the Grand Jury can issue, or alter a true bill of indictment. The Grand Jury is a "creature" of the Prosecutor's Office, representing the Executive Branch of government. Judges are part of the Judicial Branch.

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File a motion to amend your witness list.

You need to return to the court and request the amendment via a motion.

If your travel is restricted by court order, file a 'motion to amend' with the court that issued the order.

It is a legal request to change something (usually phraseology) contained in a document already filed with the court.

Sounds like this may be a traffic case. There has been a motion to amend the records insofar as the assessed point are concerned but the rest of it sounds like some kind of cryptic instruction to someone named "anne" to do something. (???)

to amend : to change

Look it up under your state Civil Rules. type in the search box.

How do you amend a data structure?

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The word amend is a verb.

That is the correct spell of "amend" (modify).

Amended is the past tense of amend.

Eric Amend was born in 1965.

A motion is a formal verbal proposition offered to a legislative body, and can cover new business, old business and everything in between. A resolution, however, is a written motion that has been adopted, or accepted, by the body as a whole. An example of this would be a motion to amend an item on the federal budget, and the resolution that makes that amendment happen.

amend means to changeIt means to change or edit

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