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Being girthy and a bit above average in length is way better than having a pencil.

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Zeke Taylor

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2019-12-27 06:05:54
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2012-12-05 22:46:23

That style of penis is perfect.

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Q: Is it OK for your penis to be long but small in round?
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How do you tell if your penis is long enough?

if it is seen by a girl and given the OK

Is it ok if your penis is 10 feet long?

.. i would consult a doctor

You are 15 and your penis is about 5-6 inches is this okay?

that's a little small but its ok

If you are ten years old and your penis is three inches is that normal?

Ok so basically your penis should be 8 inches by now. But if its any constellation my ex-boyfriend at 16 still had a small penis, so its ok, you're not alone.

Will girls not like you if your penis is too small?

If a girl honestly likes you, then she won't care the size of your penis. I'm currently in a relationship and my man has a small penis. but i love him anyways. And having a small penis isn't a bad thing. You just need to find you a good girl that likes you for you. Not the size of your penis. And I'm sure you can do that.(:

If your 12 is it ok if your penis is7 inches long is that normal?

Yes, the penis just matured at an early age and is very healthy.

Is a 3 1.5 inch soft penis ok when you are 15 and 5 inch hard penis okay when you are 15?

no that's really small, you have a baby dick

Your penis is 8 long and 6 round is that big?

it deepends on what the measurements are if ur taling milimeter then no if ur talking cm then not realy if ur talking inches then is ok but if ur taliing meter then yes its huge

Is it good if a 12 year old penis is 2inches wide and 4 inches long?

You're ok.

Ok im 15 and got a 8 in a half in penis is that small?

I know you're kidding and just want to hear someone you don't know tell you how lucky you are to have such a big penis.

Is it ok to poop on a penis?

gross. no.

I am are 15 and my penis is 8 inches long. is that long?

Ok. First off, you are by no means small for your age. The average adult penis is frm 5.5 in - 6.3 inches long. So don't stress my friend :) i agree.. very not small. Nothing to worry about. I agree as well, hmmmmmm i wonder what it looks like on u *add-on* You are definatly not small, but you need to cut back on the porn. that is were you get the idea that you are small from, all pornstars need to have at least 8 inchers no i agree that is a really big size for your age

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