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Is it OK to put air into a tire with fix-a-flat sealant in it?

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Yes it is ok to put air in especially if the can leaves you at a lower than specified pressure and you have a ways to go before you can get it repaired But remember Fix-a-flat is not a correct fix. It does help in emergencies. you should have the tire repaired,or replaced. With Fix-a-Flat, a tire will be unbalanced and will be shorting the life & safety of the tire.

However, you should inform the tech who replaces or repairs your tire that it was filled w/ sealant as some brands use a propellant that is flammable.
2015-07-17 17:37:56
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Is there an optional spare tire for the Pontiac Solstice?

No. There is no were to put a spare tire. They come with a tire sealant & inflation kit.

Where is a dust cap on a car?

On the tire where you put the air in the tire.

How do you turn off tire pressure alarm?

put air in the tire

How do you turn off the low tire pressure on the dashboard?

Put air in the tire!

How do you reset low tire lite on 2004 expedition?

put air in your tire

Is there a limit to the amount of air that can be pumped into a bicycle tire?

Yes there most certainty is a limit to the amount of air that can be pumped into a bicycle tire. Put too much air in the tire and it will explode. The maximum air pressure for the tire is listed on the sidewall of the tire.

What would you put in your bicycle tire to inflate it?

air with an air pump

Where is ths schrader valve on 2005 ford f 150 4x4?

It is the air valve on the tire, where you put air into the tire.

Who was the first person to put air in a tire?

The first person to put air into tires was André Michelin.

Why is it when you put air into a completely flat bicycle tire the entire tire expands?

because air molecules build up inside the tire and push the rubber outwards which causes the tire to expand.

What causes the air pressure in a bicycle tire?

Air is put in with a pump or a compressor, either way it becomes pressurised to inflate the tire.

Why does a tire get bigger as you pump it up?

Because, the air pressure hitting the tire, and as it hitting we put some air pressure into it so the tire is fully pumped up.

How do you clear the tire pressure fault on a 2007 VW Passat?

Put air in the tire. 35PSI should do it.

How come the check tire pressure light on your Malibu stay on even after you put air in tire?

Bad sensor on tire (replace battery??)

How do you get rid of service tire system soon?

put air in your tires

How do I get the low tire light to go off.?

Put air in the tires!

What if you put to much air in a car tire?

it could explode and pop

How do you fix a flat on a riding lawnmower?

Answer:If the tire is completely flat and off the rim, try tying a rope around the tire as tight as you can. then use an air compressor to put air in tire and get the tire to seat itself on the rim. After the tire is seated on the rim, remove the rope and fill tire until air pressure is correct. If this method does not work, try using a ratchet binder around tire. Crank binder down tight. Put a small amount of air in tire, to get tire to seat on rim. CAUTION do not put to much air in tire, ratchet binder will explode off tire when you release it (had to get 7 stitches in my thumb for that stunt). This should work.Answer:Forget whatever you have learned & use this trick; you will thank me later for the hour's of time you just saved.Get Vaseline, put it in the freezer for 30 minutes. Then set flat tire on edge of two blocks and put the Vaseline on the bottom, first between rim and tire, make sure the air valve is up! Then, have someone pull up on the tire and down on the rim. Then put the Vaseline in the crack on the top between the tire and rim. Then air that sucker up. Wow, was that easy or what? The Vaseline will squirt out around the rim; just scrape it up for the next tire. Pass this trick on to others. Note: it will take about a quart to do this, if all you can get is the small cans, try a tube of grease, it would be cheaper.

What energy is relesed when you put air into a bicycle wheel?

None is. You have to provide energy in order to stuff the air into the tire,

How To put Air In Tire With Water In Them?

Move the vehicle until the valve stem is on the top and air it up normally.

Can air or a gas be compressed?

Yes, gases can be compressed quite a lot. You have to compress air to put it into a tire, for example.

What is proper tire pressure for a 20 inch tire?

The psi amount will be listed on the inside of your car door. You do not want to put more air into your tire than what is listed.

What does low tire pressure mean on a 98 KIA and how do you fix it?

first of tire not tyre but it means what it says your tire pressure is low put some air in the tires

How does air pressure act on car tier?

air pressure helps on the inside of a tire but on the outside it does not usually help. as an observation if you get a flat tire and put air inside the tire it gives pressure on the inside were the hole is but if it is on the outside and lets say a pipe rolls down the highway and it hits your tire air pressure helps it make a hole in it or make it flat.

How much weight can a g rated tire carry?

A 'G' rating on a light truck tire means only that is a 14 ply tire. The weight capacity is dependent on the air pressure you put into the tire..