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Yes it is ok to put air in especially if the can leaves you at a lower than specified pressure and you have a ways to go before you can get it repaired But remember Fix-a-flat is not a correct fix. It does help in emergencies. you should have the tire repaired,or replaced. With Fix-a-Flat, a tire will be unbalanced and will be shorting the life & safety of the tire.

However, you should inform the tech who replaces or repairs your tire that it was filled w/ sealant as some brands use a propellant that is flammable.
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Q: Is it OK to put air into a tire with fix-a-flat sealant in it?
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Is there an optional spare tire for the Pontiac Solstice?

No. There is no were to put a spare tire. They come with a tire sealant & inflation kit.

Where is a dust cap on a car?

On the tire where you put the air in the tire.

How do you turn off tire pressure alarm?

put air in the tire

How do you turn off the low tire pressure on the dashboard?

Put air in the tire!

How do you reset low tire lite on 2004 expedition?

put air in your tire

What would you put in your bicycle tire to inflate it?

air with an air pump

Is there a limit to the amount of air that can be pumped into a bicycle tire?

Yes there most certainty is a limit to the amount of air that can be pumped into a bicycle tire. Put too much air in the tire and it will explode. The maximum air pressure for the tire is listed on the sidewall of the tire.

Where is ths schrader valve on 2005 ford f 150 4x4?

It is the air valve on the tire, where you put air into the tire.

Who was the first person to put air in a tire?

The first person to put air into tires was André Michelin.

What causes the air pressure in a bicycle tire?

Air is put in with a pump or a compressor, either way it becomes pressurised to inflate the tire.

Why does a tire get bigger as you pump it up?

Because, the air pressure hitting the tire, and as it hitting we put some air pressure into it so the tire is fully pumped up.

Why is it when you put air into a completely flat bicycle tire the entire tire expands?

because air molecules build up inside the tire and push the rubber outwards which causes the tire to expand.

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