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The term t-shirt is a short form for tee-shirt. This name is given to tee-shirts because of the shape of the clothing when laid down flat (it looks like a T). In the US, tee-shirts(or t-shirts) are normally known as tees. same thing!t-shirt.

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Q: Is it Tee shirt or t-shirt?
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Is tee - shirt in French masculine or feminine?

Tee-shirt is amasculine noun in French: un tee-shirt.

Is tee shirt masculine or feminine in french?

Tee-shirt is amasculine noun in French: un tee-shirt.

Is tee shirt masculin or feminine in french?

Tee-shirt is amasculine noun in French: un tee-shirt.

What is the answer for ispy the tee on iCarly?

it iis a lable on thier tshirt

What rhymes with tee shirt?

Dessert and revert rhyme with tee shirt.

Le Tee in french means what in English?

The tee. Le tee-shirt means the tee-shirt, therefore leaving you with that.

What is the life cycle of a t shirt?

what is the life cycle of a tshirt

What kind of shirt is the girl in the align commercial wearing?


What is a tee?

A tee is short for tee shirt. Or it is a peg that hold golfballs or tee balls.

Is tee-shirt masculine in French?

Un tee-shirt is a masculine noun in French.

Is it okay to call a long sleeve shirt a tshirt?

Yes, because the original name for a long sleeve shirt was a long sleeve tshirt, which make it a sub category of the overall tshirt category. Similar to a square is a rectangle but a rectangle is not a square

Can a tee shirt or polo shirt be called a blouse?


How do you enter Shadowscythe T Shirt Code?

What companies offer tshirt printing services?

There are many T-Shirt printing companies: Tshirt Warehouse, Spreadshirt, The Tshirt Man, October, Shirtworks and Clothes 2 Order are just some of the many T shirt printing services that can be found online.

Are there companies online that will allow one to create your own shirt?

There are many online companies that allow one to create their own T-shirt? Some of the most popular, by Google ranking, include Vista Print, Whoop Tee, TShirt Studio, Custom Ink, Spread Shirt and Zazzle.

Why is it called a tee shirt?

The shirt is shaped like a T

What is a sleep tee?

A tee-shirt that is softer and thus comfy to sleep in.

How do you make a design on a shirt?

Do a google image shirt of "tshirt" and find an image of blank tshirt. Then use photshop or illustrator to add pictures/text as a template. You can find iron-on pages at many stores such as WalMart or Target that will feed through your printer and you can iron them onto a tshirt

How can you get tshirt?

AS of December 2013, there is not an official t-shirt for sale.

What's the difference between a graphic tee and a t-shirt?

The difference between a graphic tee and a t-shirt is that a t-shirt could just be a plain color. A graphic tee is a t-shirt that has a graphic design on the front, back or both.

What is an article of clothing beginning with T?

Tee Shirt or T-Shirt

Shirt in French?

Une chemise for a button-up shirt Un chandail for a tee-shirt

What is the best app to create your own shirt?

Your momma is the best app to create a tshirt.

In delhi what clothes we wear?

sari suit jeans shorts skirts tshirt shirt

Where can you get your tshirt sign by john cena?

Oviously wwe or print it online and copy on a shirt