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Is it a big job to replace a hood latch on a 1992 Ford Mercury Grand Marquis?

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February 01, 2010 3:49PM

According to my trusty Haynes manual, it's not that big a


The hood latch is attached to the radiator support and is

attached with 2 bolts. Before replacing it, scribe a line around --

or use a Sharpie marker to outline -- the placement of the current

latch. Remove the bolts and the cable release linkage.

Installation is the reverse of removal. After installing the new

latch using the scribed lines as a guide, check the fit of the

hood. It should be flush with the fenders and the nosepiece. If it

isn't, adjustments can be made by loosening the latch mounting

bolts and sliding the latch up, down, left, or right and then

tightening the bolts.


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