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No, it isn't supposed to make you miss a period. But if you are on the pill, Amoxicillin can make them less effective and you could have gotten pregnant. You should take a test or go see a doctor.

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Q: Is it a common side effect to have a missed period while using Amoxicillin?
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What is the effect of smoking on amoxicillin?

The effect of smoking while taking amoxicillin is a reduced effect of the antibiotics. Due to reduced effect of the drug, one will have prolonged healing period.

You are on the pill and have never missed a day your boyfriend and you always use withdrawal but last week you had your period and was always taking amoxicillin for a cold you still had sex?

As it was your week off the pill (or taking sugar pills) you are still protected. Incidentally unless you have some other reason for taking amoxicillin it will have no effect on a cold.

Is a missed period a sign of cancer?

A missed period is more likely to be a sign of pregnancy. Missed periods are common. If this is abnormal for you, it is best to consult with your doctor to determine a diagnosis.

Can amoxicillin cause you to start your period?

Amoxicillin has nothing to do with your periods. It is a coincidence to have periods with amoxicillin.

Can Lexapro cause a missed period?

Many anti-depressants have a side effect of delayed or missed periods. With Lexapro, this side effect is not one of the more common ones, but it is a possible one. Likewise, withdrawing frin Lexapro may also result in a missed period. If you miss a period on Lexapro, you should first test to see if you are pregnant. Missed periods are commonplace and happen to most women at some point in their lives. If you are extremely worried, if there are other complications, or if you have missed more than three periods in a row, see a doctor.

Why do you miss your periods?

The most common reason for a missed period is pregnancy.

Is brown spotting common in 4 days of missed period?


Can amoxicillin delay your period?


Are diarrhea and migraines signs of pregnancy?

If you have missed your period you can do a test. Not usually, most common sympoms of pregnancy are nausea and/or vomiting, breast tenderness, and late or missed period.

Can amoxicillin cause your period to come early and be lighter if you are on the pill?

Yes antibiotics can interfere with the effectiveness of oral contraceptives. The break through bleeding can be from the pill alone (a common side effect) or due to the antibiotics.

Missed a period then had one the following month?

dont worry.thats quite common.

What could make you skip your period?

The most common reason for a missed period is pregnancy. There are other reasons for a missed period. These include hormonal imbalance, stress, weight changes, medications, and obviously menopause.

Will amoxicillin delay your period?


Can trichomoniasis cause a missed period?

Trichomoniasis will not cause a missed period.

Is it normal to have diarrhea within the first two weeks of missed period?

Diarrhea is a side effect if you have missed birth control pills or have stopped taking them for awhile.

Bleeding after missed period?

Bleeding after a missed period could mean a miscarriage

Can you still get pregnant even though you have missed a period?

If you missed your period then you are prego

Can amoxicillin make your period lighter?

yes it can

How do you know you'r pregnant?

Missed period, common pregnancy symptoms, and a positive pregnancy test.

How women knows that she is pregnant?

Missed period, common pregnancy symptoms, and/or a positive pregnancy test.

How long after your missed period can you take a pregnancy test?

A week after you've missed your period.

Im 13 and you have missed a period?

im thirteen and i dont have my period and i havnt missed it

Can quitting smoking cause a missed period?

No, quitting smoking can not cause a missed period.

Is it common for a 16 year old to miss her period?

If the 16yr old was regular and then missed one randomly - she could be pregnant. If she has only just started, it is common for periods to be missed, late, early etc.

Can gonorrhea cause a missed period?

Gonorrhea will not cause a missed period. Take a pregnancy test if your period is late.