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It better to ask "what is the mass of planet earth?" Approx. 6,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000. The measurement of the planet's weight is derived from gravitational attraction that the Earth has for objects near it. Any two masses have a gravitational attraction for one another. The attraction however is extremely slight. From the measurement you this attraction of the two planets you can determine the mass of the two objects.

Newton showed that, for spherical objects, you can make the simplifying assumption that all of the object's mass is concentrated at the center of the sphere. The following equation expresses the gravitational attraction that 2 spherical object have on one another: F=G*M1*M2/R2.

R is the distance separating the 2 objectsG is a contant that is 6.67259x10(11)M(3/s2 kg.M1 & M2 are the 2 masses that are attracting each otherF is the force of attraction between them

The radius of the Earth is 6,400,000 meters (6.999,125 yards).

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Q: Is it a fact that the weight of the earth is zero?
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At what height from the earth the weight of an object become half of the weight on earth?


What is weight of earth?

AS WE KNOW, that there is the force of gravity at the center of Earth, if every part or portion of earth has its weight then net weight of the earth will be zero........

Where on the earth would the weight of body be zero why?

on the centre of the earth.

What is weight of the body at the center of the earth?


What is the weight of object at center of earth?


Is the weight of a body constant at all places on the earth?

The weight of a person is not constant at all places on the Earth. The weight becomes zero at the center of the earth or far away from the Earth.

What will be the weight of a human inside a spacecraft that is revolving around the earth and why?


Why weight of body is zero at centre of earth?

w=mg gravity is zero at centre of earth then g=0 and w=m(0) =0 so weight is zero

What will be our Weight at center of earth if it was hollow sphere?

Theoretically, Zero. The gravitational pull of the earth on you (which is the definition of weight), whether the earth is solid or hollow, is the same in all directions because it is spherically symmetrical. These forces cancel each other out, leaving you with zero net weight. In real life, the earth is not a perfect sphere, but this model describes the situation adequately.

Does weight act towards the centre of the earth?

Yes, at the center it becomes zero.

What is the value of Earth's gravitational field at the center of the Earth?

In the cavity at the center of the Earth, your weight would be zero, because you would be pulled equally by gravity in all directions. - The gravitational field of Earth at its center is zero.

What will be the weight of the man standing on weighting machine and freely fall?

Zero relative to the weighing machine. His same weight relative to the earth.

Where does a body have least weight equator or earth centre?

In the middle of the earth is where an object has the lightest weight. The weight is zero. The reason is that the mass of the object is pulled equally in all directions so all the forces cancel out.

How much weight has been put on earth from buildings to vehicles?

Zero. All the materials used to make the buildings and vehicles came from the Earth itself so the net result would be zero.

Person sitting in an artificial satellite of the earth have?

... a feeling as if his weight is zero, because he is constantly falling around the Earth in the satellite's orbit..

Did Voyager 1 ever return to earth?

yes in fact th voyager 1 returned to earth in 2007 and is not based on ground zero

Zero Fuel Weight on a airplane?

The operating weight plus (+) the cargo weight equals (=) the zero fuel weight.

What is the average weight of a shed?

The shed is of zero mass and zero weight

As you get farther away from the earth what will happen to your weight?

It will steadily decrease as you move farther from the Earth's center of gravity. Eventually one's "Earth weight" can reach zero when the gravity of another body, such as the Moon or Sun, completely counteracts it. *In orbit, or freefall, measured weight is zero. In outer space, objects are always in "microgravity" having imperceptible weight, unless they approach close to another large body.

If you were 0 pounds on earth how much would you weigh on an asteroid?

I find it curious that the auto-categorization feature assigned this question the category of "low carb diets." If your weight was zero on the Earth, then you must be either a photon or a neutrino, in which case your weight would be zero everywhere.

Can a body have zero mass and zero weight?


What is the force of gravity on a 500 - n woman standing on the earths surface?

The "500 - n" you mention is either the woman's name or her weight. If it's her weight, then that is in fact the size of the mutual gravitational forces between her and the Earth. It's her weight on Earth, and it's Earth's weight on her.

What will happen to mass and weight of a body on earth if suddenly gravitational attraction of the earth disappeared?

Your mass would be unaffected, it is simply to do with the atoms in your body. Your weight would be reduced to zero as that is simply how much your body is affected by gravity.

Where does a body have least weight?

The answer is at the center of the Earth, where an mass or object has the negligible / lightest weight. The weight is proximate to be zero & the reason is that the mass of the object is pulled equally in all directions so all the forces remain cancel out & the weight becomes negligible / can be considered as zero. D C Naik

Can a mass be zero outside the earth?

Universality is a fundamental principle in physics - the same laws of physics apply everywhere at all times. So if the mass of something on earth is zero (such as the rest mass of a photon), then the mass will be zero everywhere in the universe, disregarding the effects of relativistic mass. Do not confuse mass with weight - mass is invariable - it is the same everywhere. Weight, however, diminishes in proportion to the square of the distance you travel away from the center of planet earth.

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