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Yes it is. He's using money to control you. If you don't squander the money and take care what you buy, then there is no reason both of you shouldn't be handling the money. If you're smart any money you may get for yourself you should put in an interest bearing account at the highest premium you can get. All you have to do is talk to anyone in any bank and they'll help you choose the right plan. I have some of my money stashed away (in my Will that money of course will be released to my husband should I die before him); I learned long ago in order to feel independent it's wise to have a little nest egg of your own. If you should split-up remind him that 1/2 of what he owns you own! That goes right down to pensions (personal or armed forces.) He may think he has control of the situation but the law says otherwise. If you've proved you can't handle credit cards and maxed them out then I don't blame him for controlling the money, but if you are good at controlling the money in your household then nip this behavior in the bud or tell him to hit the bricks! Good luck Marcy

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Q: Is it a form of abuse if your husband witholds money?
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