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It depends on the cause of the injury. If, for example you slip on a just-mopped, wet floor and bust your behind, and there was no warning that it was wet, then the company might be liable for your medical expenses because of their negligence. But, if you are lifting heavy objects as part of your job and you hurt your back, that would be covered under Workman's Compensation.

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Q: Is it a law that if you get hurt on a job that the company you work for is responsible for your medical expenses?
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Am i responsible for husband's medical bills?

If you are the wife its your husbands medical bill not yours. He's responsible for it, not you go tell him that right now or when you get the chance. And try to make sure that he doesn't get hurt and try to keep him from getting a disease, or a sickness.

What if someone is driving your car and they get into an accident and get hurt and they do not have car insurance is the owners insurance responsible for medical for the injured driver and damages?

You guessed it!

Who pays for workmens compensation?

The company you work for if you are hurt on the job they must pay all medical bills and medication. Or you can sue them.

If a buddy is riding your bike with no insurance and hurts himself who covers the medical expenses?

Technically, your buddy covers the medical expenses. He might be able to have his medical insurance cover it depending on the injuries AND as long as he DOES NOT mention that he got hurt while on the bike. Once he says that the doctors will not treat him for those injuries because they can't bill med insurance.. Medical insurance companies don't want to be paying for injuries that happened on an auto.

W What happens if you get hurt at work as a bartender receiving a shift pay with no taxes or w-2 who is responsible for medical bills?

You would be responsible for your own medical bills. You are probably being treated as a self employed taxpayer (contract worker). You will have to deal with the payer of your services about this matter.

A dog reached its foot through its fence into neighbors yard and it got hurt it by the neighbors weed eater while trimming along the fence-who is liable for the dog's injury?

The neighbor is responsible for the careful use of lawn tools like a weedeater. What if it were a child's hand? Would the question make any sense? Ask the neighbor to pay up or sue him in small claims court for medical expenses and veterinary expenses for the dog.

Can you sue your insurance company if you get hurt by your car?

No you'd have to file your loss notice with the company that insures your car or your medical insurance policy. Homeowners Insurance policies provide no coverage for the automobiles.

Can a fracture hurt?

yes a fracture does hurt get medical help immediately

What do you sue for if someones dog bite you?

For what you have lost - medical expenses. Some would sue for pain and suffering, but that's a matter of personal belief. I believe it is wrong to think that "if I hurt, then someone must pay!".

Who is responsible if a child is hurt during PE at school?

the school or the child it depends on how the child is hurt

If you are injured at work doing something that is not work-related will your medical expenses be covered?

If it is not work related your insurance may cover it but it will be like a regular injury. Example: You get hurt at home and you have to go to the doctor. It would be treated the same!

Does home owners insurance cover accidental falls?

It depends on the circumstances. Most homeowners insurance policies will cover some of the medical expenses if a person falls and gets hurt on the homeowners property, but only if the homeowner was negligent.

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