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it is absolutely a myth

2006-07-29 08:51:18
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What relationship did Zeus have with friends?

well, none, considering hes nothing more than a myth.

Why girls want sex every time?

Well they don't but all men and women are different and the sex drive as well. It's a myth that all men want sex more often the women and couples can be very different which can cause problems in the relationship.

What statements led to the myth that men suffer from heart disease more often than women?

The kind of lifestyles that most men led to the myth that men suffer from heart disease more than women. Men generally eat unhealthy foods and abuse drugs as compared to women.

Why did the Amazon race die out?

This tribe of women warriors is a myth. Its a myth.

Are western women spoiled or is that just a myth?

Western women are not spoilt as claimed by many because the claims are only but a myth.

How do women like to be massaged?

It is a myth that men like more pressure and women like less. If you are talking about therapeutic massage, women, in general, enjoy more pressure than men. The best way to find out is to ask them.

Women empowerment myth or reality?

eternal myth...reality only when no male on earth

How many people were involved in the Minotaur myth?


Are the myth that Russian women prefer western men a lie?

It's not a lie, it's a myth.

Why gay men are angry with women?

Gay men are not angry with women. This is a myth.

What famous myth hades involved with?

Coins on the eyes of the dead

According to myth what is a vampire?

a vampire according to myth is a blood sucking creature thatattacks young women

What is the relationship betwen belief knowledge and myth and religion?

what is the relationship between belief, knowledge, mythology, and religion.

Do french women shave their armpits?

The idea that French women do not shave their armpits is a myth. Most French women shave their armpits, although some may not. It more is a personal preference than a cultural construct.

Is George and the dragon a myth?

yes it is because it has a supernatural involved(the dragon)

What was the relationship between the ancient Greeks and their gods according to myth?

According to myth the humans were created by the God Prometheus out of mud and water

What is the symbiotic relationship of a polar bear?

There is a myth about polar bears and foxes.

Do women in Europe shave their legs?

Not all women in Europe shave their legs. It is a myth that European women do not shave their legs.

When men get the flu are their symptoms worse than when women get it?

Manflu is a myth. Men and women stuffed the same

What relationship do Chocolate and acne have?

none whatsoever their is no connection it's just a myth.

What are the organisational structural relationship between human and material resources?

Nothing its a myth

Is there any relationship with the second toe being longer than the big toe and men vs women and brains?

There is a myth that people who are "smarter" have a longer second toe than the first or big toe. But in actuality having a longer second toe is genetic and happens just as much in men as it does in women. Also if it is longer then apparently u will be the leader in a relationship

Do women blink nearly twice as much as men?

Women do not blink twice as much as men. It's been determined that it is a myth. Both men and women blink every 2-10 seconds. Women who use oral contraceptives blink more often, but it is not known why.

What is the relationship between Osteoarthritis repetitive stress injury and keyboarding?

This claim is turning more and more into a popular myth, it is turning out that RSI is more likely to happen to some one with a predisposition to OA It does not actually cause OA.

Why do men dislike big women?

It is a myth that all men dislike big women. Some men actually are attracted to big women and like a little more meat on a woman's bones, that then super thin girls that pick away at their food.