Female Puberty

Is it a normal stage for teenagers to go through if you are 18 and really want a baby?


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I commend you for asking this question. The fact that you�re actually putting some thought into this as opposed to just saying "I want a baby, so I�ll have one, rather I�m ready or not" shows that you have a great deal of maturity.

I think your feelings are relatively normal--for many women, at least. At 18, I certainly longed to have a child. But I put it off for several more years, because I knew that every child deserves the best chance at life they can have. That meant before I brought a child into the world I needed to be ready for the responsibility and be financially able to give that child everything it needed, as well as all those extras that I wanted it to have. I couldn�t have done that 18.

You sound like a very smart young lady, so make smart decisions. Realize that this is normal, but not something you should act on until you�re really ready. This is the time when you should be experiencing new things and discovering who you are. This is the time to focus on you and on building your future. You have lots of time to have babies, and I'm sure when you do that you'll make a wonderful mother.


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