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Yes, a relevant class project should go on your resume. It can go in the Education section, or in its own section, or under Experience. Whichever you are most comfortable with.

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Q: Is it a okay to put a class project on your resume and what section would you put it in?
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In what section of the resume would you place a list of your duties on your last job?

Work History

How can one mention their coursework on their resume?

Adding a section to your resume called education would be a good way to mention coursework on a resume. The mentioned coursework should be limited to just a few that are relevant to the job you are applying for.

How can I apply for a job with AT&T?

If you would like to be a customer service representative for AT&T you need to first have a resume to upload. then go to the AT&T website in the careers section and upload your resume.

Project work in business studies for 11 class?

It would be best to contact the teacher for the business studies 11 class to find out what the project work is. This will insure that the student will receive the correct project work.

What does Patents and Publications mean on a resume?

A "patents and publications" section on a resume would include applicable patents received and books or articles published pertaining to the position sought. More frequently, this would be left off of a resume and instead included in a curriculum vitae, listing all patents and publications.

Should you bullet point on your resume?

Typically, if you type up your resume in an outlined form, you would have to use bullet points. (category: business, job: project manager is a great example.) Yes you should, in parts. Here is a great resource I found. A really good example is Category: Business, Job: Project Manager.

What are five reason you shouldn't present your project to the class?

If presenting your project to the class is a class requirement, then there are NO good reasons you shouldn't do so. There are reasons, of course:1. You're incompetent and your project is terrible.2. You're lazy and your project is terrible (or you didn't even try to do it at all).3. You're extremely talented, and your project is so good that presenting it would humiliate the rest of the class (yeah, right).You know what? Stop looking for excuses and just do the work required of you.

Is PMP certificate a must for Project Management Trainer?

It is not a must but it would be a good addition to the resume of a person who is a trainer in the field of Project Management A person with a PMP Certification represents the fact that, he/she is an established project manager and has the experience and expertise to manage projects effectively and make them a success.

How do you label you are a member to something on your resume?

What you would do is include a "Professional Affiliations" section at the bottom of your resume. The actual lettering of each credit would be something like:Member, Professional Association of Resume Writers (PARW)Keep it simple, and don't include dates unless absolutely necessary.Hope that helps! If you have any other resume-related questions, please don't hesitate to drop me a line.-Anish Majumdar, CPRWmajumdar.anish@gmail.com917-304-4562

How much perceived value would a multi-class graduate certificate add on a resume to someone who has only an Associates degree?

Well, it depends on the position applied for. However, any educational efforts can do no harm, but only enhance the resume.

What state was names after the utes i need to know because im doing a class project?

That would be Utah.

What would be a good project for ix class math?

Some good projects areNumber SystemPolynomialsIndian MathematiciansPie