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Is it a one-way friendship if you have to do all the calling and staying in touch with an individual and if so should you terminate this friendship?


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Good communication is a MUST! Your friend could be depressed, be having some serious personal problems or, they could be phone shy. I know lots of people that hate talking on the phone, but have no problem emailing or accepting a call you make to them. Try talking to this person to see what is going on. If there isn't anything then tell them you aren't happy with the relationship because it's a give and take situation. Don't call them anymore and see if they call you. You may be making yourself too available. Give it another month, try communicating first, then see what happens in the next two weeks. Don't phone this person and see if they call you. If they don't you have your answer and you'll be glad to be rid of such a person and get on with your own life. I've learned to reserve my energy for those that respect me when I deserve it and will give 100%, but for those who keep taking from me they are history!