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Good communication is a MUST! Your friend could be depressed, be having some serious personal problems or, they could be phone shy. I know lots of people that hate talking on the phone, but have no problem emailing or accepting a call you make to them. Try talking to this person to see what is going on. If there isn't anything then tell them you aren't happy with the relationship because it's a give and take situation. Don't call them anymore and see if they call you. You may be making yourself too available. Give it another month, try communicating first, then see what happens in the next two weeks. Don't phone this person and see if they call you. If they don't you have your answer and you'll be glad to be rid of such a person and get on with your own life. I've learned to reserve my energy for those that respect me when I deserve it and will give 100%, but for those who keep taking from me they are history!

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You are friends with this girl you like and she found out and now she ignores you what does it mean?

It means she doesn't feel the same about you. Your friendship is no longer a friendship. She knows or thinks you want more, so she's staying away from you to avoid a confrontation where she might hurt your feelings.

How did Hinduism reinforce people staying in their caste?

Hinduism never believes in forcing people staying in their castes. Rather Castes have become identification of Individual, thus they like to embrace their castes because it brings pride to them.

How do you reply to 'What is your opinion of acceptable attendance' in an interview?

Acceptable attendance means never calling in sick if you are not really sick, never calling in to take an emergency leave if its not really an emergency and staying late or coming in on your day off if the company needs you

Is this sentence grammatically correctㅡFriendship means staying by your side regardless of what happens to you?

It is grammatically correct - and still wrong! Lose the imagery: A friend will support you no matter what happens to you; or Friendship means loyalty.

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In a live performance, the lighting cues have to fire at precise times, and those times have to be called by one person. The person who calls lights at a theatrical performance is the stage manager, and at a concert, it is usually the lighting director. One of these two people is responsible for staying on the headset and calling for cues to be executed to the light board operator and to the spotlight operator. This is known officially as "calling the light cues", but for short we call it "calling the lights".

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i am 11 in February and what i would do is have a few friends over for a sleepover but because we are not young forever go bowling and to save money have a home made cake/cupcakes and then have a sleepover and as a present if you are the one that is staying round for a sleepover buy her a friendship necless or make her a friendship braclet or just give her moneyhope this helps

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This means that staying calm (rather than running around screaming, for instance) will allow the individual to think their way out of the crisis, more clearly.

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Single: staying single- Anuptaphobia

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