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Q: Is it a problem for a 5 year old to grow extra front tooth?
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Can an eleven year old grow a lost teeth?

it depends if they have an extra tooth on the back or the front.

Can you grow an extra tooth?

yes. this actually runs in my family. an extra tooth is called (a) Mesioden.

Do horse teeth grow back?

Horse teeth only grow back if the tooth that came out was a baby tooth or if they for some reason had an extra set of teeth (this is the same with people).

Witch tooth is the first to grow?

for a baby either the top two or bottom two front teeth grow first

Can your molars grow back?

yes.they can grow back if you are young and the molars is a baby tooth but in the very back it cant grow back but in the front it will grow back

Can you grow a third tooth?

you can sometimes grow a third tooth if your lucky

Does an adult tooth always grow in place of baby tooth?

yes but a adult tooth cant grow in place of an adult tooth

Will it be a problem if your daughter's baby tooth fell out when she is getting braces on tomorrow?

no it will grow back and once it does fully the orthodontist will put a bracket on taht tooth too.

Is it true that you can grow if a tooth is extracted?

No, you won't gain height because a tooth is extracted. If you mean, will your tooth grow back, than it depends if your tooth was an adult tooth or a baby tooth.

What is the weirdest place to grow a tooth?

The weirdest place to grow a tooth is under your foot.

Does a wisdom tooth give you a disease?

No it can't. If you leave them in and they grow the wrong way it could propose a problem though.

Can your teeth still grow back at the age of thirteen?

If a baby tooth was lost a big tooth will replace it, but if a big tooth was lost then no tooth will grow in its place.

What can possibly grow when your tooth falls?

Another Tooth will grow when it falls out unless you did not get all your adult teeth.

If your teeth are filed down do they grow again?

no sorry if your 5 and loose a tooth you will grow a permanent tooth

How long does it take a canine tooth to grow?

as long as any other tooth would take to grow!!

Can a tooth grow back after extraction?

Yes. and no. A tooth can only grow back after extraction if the tooth is a baby tooth. if the tooth is a grown up tooth than no it will not grow back. The only way to get a grown up tooth back is if you go to the dentist and get a fake one in place of the other one.( P. S. i love chickens.)

How long does it take for a child to grow his two front permanent teeth after he loses the baby teeth?

This isn't an actual answer, but I hope you've taken him to a dentist. A child's teeth fall out when the root disolves. It's the new tooth underneath that causes the root to disolve. If the new tooth isn't there then there might be a problem.

What happens when a tooth is lost?

Well it depends what type of tooth is lost. If a baby tooth is lost than over time a new adult tooth will grow in. If an adult tooth is lost than no other tooth will grow in it will from then on an empty space.

If a guniea pig breaks or looses a tooth can iy ever be replaced?

Guinea pigs front teeth constantly grow. If lost or broken, it will grow back over time.

What happens when your tooth falls twice?

if your tooth comes out twice it will not grow back.

When a dog loses a tooth does the tooth grow back?

depends on the dogs gums

Can a wisdom tooth grow back after being extracted?

No, they will not grow back.

Can molar tooth grow back?

adult molars do not grow back..

Your hamster pulled his tooth chewing on cage bars will the tooth grow back?

Yes it will grow back again if you are lucky. HAHAHA!

Can a tooth grow back?

if your first tooth comes out that's okay but when it comes out the second time if may no longer grow back. the spot therer your second tooth came out is going to be blank and not have a tooth growing. ( sorry )