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If it's interfering with work and other things in your life then yes it is a problem. If you are just highly sex then no it's not abnormal.

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What is the most painfull sexual position?

None of them is supposed to be painful. Sex is never painful if you do it right. That means something is wrong and you should stop. Could possibly be if you bend in a way you are not bendy enough for.

What was the sexual orientation of Winslow Homer?

While his art is widely discussed, nothing about his sexual orientation could be found, other than he liked being alone and never married.

Did Olivia newton-john sing never enough?

Yes, the one that goes like ...that it's never enough, never, never enough..why is all that we have simply never enough...

How much information is enough?

There is never enough information. Unless the question asked had an answer that had everything known and nothing could be known more.

Am 15 and my boyfriend is 26 and they press charges because of me cand i help him get out of jail?

If you say that there was no sexual contact, he never implied anything sexual and that the two of you were waiting for you to reach the age of sexual consent, that could help him. If he's in trouble because someone thinks that there was sexual contact, deny it. If there's no legitimate proof, then he that could help too

What is wallsexual?

wallsexual You could kiss or make out with the same sex but that's all about it. You could never go out with them because you don't feel enough emotions for them or do anything about them such as sexual intercourse. Wallsexual came from the word "Wall" which means to subdivide and "sexual" means occurring between or involving the sexes "Wallsexual": It's really hard to make an example about it. It's basically just the definition and it just what it means.

What is the sexual orientation of Cliff Richard?

Cliff Richard never married, but he has also never publicly discussed sexual orientation.

What to do when he says he has feelings though not strong enough for what youre looking for?

Some people just have a particular person in mind if they want to get serious enough for steady dating which could lead to marriage. He sounds as if he loves you, but is far too particular and probably confused as to what he wants. He could also be using this to have a sexual relationship with you without commitment. For your own sake if you are having a sexual relationship stop! Never give your self respect away cheaply. He has said his piece so you say yours .. 'the buck stops here!' This means unless he is willing to commit a sexual relationship is out of the question and you're moving on.

If you kick a football hard enough will it never come down?

in order for it to never come down, it would have to leave earths atmosphere. this would be impossible for a human to do because they could not produce enough force for it to do that.

Can you give someone an STD if you've never engaged in sexual activity?

NO, It's not possible only because you have never had sexual activity.

Could we travel outside our galaxy?

In "theory ", yes - but you'd never live long enough to actually do it.

Why does a person keep quarreling over minor issues this happened a long time ago is it a mental problem?

There isn't enough information to be confident, but this could be a symptom of obsessive compulsive disorder, or any number of other disorders including anxiety, depression, personality disorder or even psychosis. If the person is still living and it is no longer happening, then it is no longer, or perhaps never was, an indication of a diagnosable mental problem.

Your dad has never shown any love towards your mum the 50 years they have been together you think he is gay?

That is not enough information to determine a father's sexual orientation.

Can multiple personality disorder be cured?

Nope. Never has been cured and never will be. Sucks to suck.

What is an eating disorder that never has a satisfied hunger?

Tape Worm

Why do people dream of things that are sexual?

Several reasons. The first is that it could be a wet dream, or even a craving for sexual activity as it is counted as a natural necessity just as food and shelter. It could be a repressed sexual urge that you cannot perform in real life, and so your subconcious mind plays out the events for you so you can experience it even though you never do it.

Is is Spongebob Squarepants gay?

There is never any indication what sexuality he is. He has never had any dating partners on the show or any mention of his sexual preference. So he could very well be gay, but he also could very well be straight, we don't know.

What is another way of saying you believe in never being satisfied?

Enough is never enough!

How did Terri Schiavo have eating disorder?

It was never proven, but blood levels showed that she was extremely malnutritioned. It was told that she was on a sweet tea diet, and that is it. After her accident she was placed on a feeding tube, so at that point, when she could no longer make the decision on her own, she did not have an eating disorder.

What is the sexual orientation of Cole Sprouse?

Cole Sprouse has never publicly discussed his sexual orientation.

What is the sexual orientation of Keith Sweat?

Keith Sweat has never publicly discussed his sexual orientation.

What is the sexual orientation of Rick Astley?

Rick Astley has never publicly discussed his sexual orientation.

What is the sexual orientation of Michael Cera?

Michael Cera has never publicly discussed his sexual orientation.

What is the sexual orientation of Tyson Ritter?

Tyson Ritter has never publicly discussed his sexual orientation.

What is the sexual orientation of Bertie Highmore?

Bertie Highmore has never publicly talked about his sexual orientation.