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While pregnancy can cause nausea on some women, it should not cause considerable pain. If you think you're pregnant and if you're having abdominal trouble, get to a doctor.

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Q: Is it a sign of pregnancy if your stomach hurts a lot?
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If your stomach hurts after you eat is that a sign of pregnancy?

Ah, no. There would be a lot of other symptoms to consider the possibility of pregnancy.

Can having an upset stomach be a sign of pregnancy?

It can be, but a lot of other things can cause an upset stomach. If you think you might be pregnant, get a test.

You have been spitting a lot and having pains in your side and stomach so could this be a sign of pregnancy?

Yes this could be a sign of pregnancy. If the pains are severe see your doctor for a check over. Good luck.

What happen when you take too much calcium?

your stomach hurts a lot

What does it mean when dogs eat a lot of grass?

it means there stomach hurts

Is cramping a lot in the stomach and bladder and vagina a sign of pregnancy?

No, it is a sign of extreme nervousness, and anxiety. IF you are wondering if you are pregnant, find out for sure - then, (one way or another) you'll know.

Is being very gassy and bloated an early sign of pregnancy?

It can be a sign of pregnancy, but then again it can be a sign of a lot of conditions. I suggest you take a pregnancy test to be sure.

If you start to get a lot of headaches three weeks after sex could that be a sign of pregnancy?

Yes it could be a sign of pregnancy.

Where does crohns disease begin?

It begins when your intestine gets inflamed and your stomach hurts you a lot.

Is having a lot of tummy aches a sign of pregnancy?

Tummy aches are said to be common in the first few weeks of pregnancy. But, it could also be a stomach thing. If you really think you may be pregnant, take a test.

If you pee a lot are you peagnant?

There are many reasons for peeing a lot. Peeing a lot CAN be a sign of pregnancy, but not on its own, and generally not until later on in pregnancy

If you are eating a lot does that mean you are pregnant?

No. If you are pregnant you may eat a lot, but it is not a sign of pregnancy, it is a sign of hunger and/or greed.

Is feeling weirdness in your stomach after intercourse a sign of pregnancy or are you just not feeling well?

My stomach did feel different the week after intercourse. It felt like a lot of pressure in my stomach making me have to urinate more frequently. I am almost 2 months pregnant now!!

How do you loose your baby during pregnancy?

Get hit in the stomach yell lot

What would I have or not have when your neck hurts and can't move it then your stomach hurts with a lot of diary Then small migraines these all keep going on and off for 3 days?

There is a few things that could be wrong when your neck, head and stomach hurts. You could be getting a bug.

Could you be pregnant if you have a lot of white odorless discharge and strange stomach tenderness and nausea and are tired and 1.5 weeks late for your period?

The late period, nausea and tiredness are all signs of pregnancy, take a test. Stomach tenderness is not. If it becomes severe go to the doctor as that may be a sign of ectopic pregnancy.

Why do you vomit and throw up when your stomach hurts?

because when this happens it means your stomach is rejecting what ever you ate so its basically saying "thanks a lot"

If your stomach hurts and you're urinating and eating a lot could you be pregnant?

Go see a doctor. Pregnancies affect different people different ways. Those are some pregnancy symptoms; when i got pregnant my legs ached and i was always hungry. Take a pregnancy test, then see a doctor.

If you are more emotional then usual such as crying a lot is that a sign of pregnancy?


If you poo more is that a sign of pregnancy?

No. It probably means you ate a lot yesterday.

Is sleeping a lot a sign of early pregnancy?

No ,your blood probably needs iron.

Does your stomach show at all during the 3rd and 4th month of pregnancy?

Yes, for a lot of people it does, but for a lot of other people it doesn't

Why does my lower stomach hurt?

sometimes when your sick, your lower stomach hurts or because you've been exercising your abs a lot. most likely is, if your a girl, that its cramps from your time of the month

How can the stomach wall be damage if ulcers are formed?

in your stomach not every spot has the chemical ulcer. Because this gastic juice and other chemicals make a hole type thing in the walls of the stomach that hurts yuo a lot

Why do you feel movement in your stomach when you took two pregnancy tests that resulted negative?

it could be a lot of things. i know my stomach felt weird when i had an ulcer.