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It is not abusive, but it is heartbreaking. Do know that there is someone else out there for you that is obviously better suited than your ex. Don't torture yourself by watching her new life, move on with your own.

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Is natalya married to Tyson kidd?

Not married, but they are boyfriend/girlfriend.

Are sanaya and barun girlfriend and boyfriend?

No. Barun is married and Sanaya has a boyfriend.

What is a single?

single is when you are not married or have a boyfriend/girlfriend :)

Are robsten married or are they getting engadge?

No they aren't married they are boyfriend /girlfriend

What if your abusive boyfriend also abuses your friends?

an abusive boyfriend is the worst thing that can happen to a lady. if u have an abusive boyfriend the it's best u terminate the relationship. as long as ur not married the he doesn't own u. and if u stick with him and he continues abusing ur friends then they will leave u.

Are Rafael Nadal and Shakira boyfriend and girlfriend?

No. Shakira is married.

Does rex from generator rex have a girlfriend?

he does not have a girlfriend but he is in love with Circes.I think they wil be married or boyfriend and girlfriend in the future.

Can I give a beautiful bra to my ex girlfriend who is married?

No, it is not right for an ex boyfriend to give his married ex girlfriend a bra as it is too personal.

What do you call the person whom you are promised to in a relationship?

i would call it a boyfriend / girlfriend. You two are not yet engaged and are not married. when you have a boyfriend / girlfriend you are supposed to be "promised" to them.

Is Sanaa Lathan married to Omar Epps?

No,they you used to be boyfriend and girlfriend

Cleopatra and mark Antony?

Boyfriend and Girlfriend but never got married.

Is Chris Brown and Rihana married?

No, they were boyfriend and girlfriend but then they broke up.

Were Romeo and Juliet boyfriend and girlfriend?

They really never were boyfriend and girlfriend. almost instantly after they met they planned to get married, and they got married the day after they met so i really wouldn't call that dating or anything.

Are Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber getting married?

No, they are just boyfriend and girlfriend,

What do you do if you want to get married?

You need to talk about it with your boyfriend or girlfriend and BOTH sets of parents.

Are Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet boyfriend and girlfriend?

No, they are not boyfriend and girlfriend.Kate Winslet is married. and Leonardo DiCaprio is single. That's a surprise to me because they should be together

Is cheating on a boyfriend or girlfriend considered adultery?

No. Adultery is only relevant when one of the people involved is already married; being boyfriend-girlfriend or de facto is not considered enough.

Did Rin and Asa get married?

No they didnt, but they did become girlfriend and boyfriend. They kissed and hugged. That was all

What does it mean when you dream your ex boyfriend is getting married to his girlfriend?

you still in love and jelousy of him

Did Matt Smith and Karen gillan secretly got married?

no, karen has a boyfriend and matt had a girlfriend

Is cheating a sin if your not married?

if you are in a relationship with another human like being a boyfriend or girlfriend then yes it is

How does boyfriend and girlfriend act like there married?

that question is alittle tricky but its because they might want to get married but they're to young or cant

How do i legalize my girlfriend who is an illegal alien?

A person can not legalize their girlfriend or boyfriend if they are an illegal alien. If the person is married to an illegal alien, they can file for a Visa from the INS.

Does john cena love kelly kelly now as a friend or as a girlfriend?

They were never boyfriend/girlfriend they have always been just friends. Cena is married.

Is moving in together if you are not married okay?

yes, it is perfectly fine. Girlfriend and boyfriend can stay together if they want to.