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Is it an offense to cut down trees for firewood in a water reserve?

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It most likely is because the water reserves need the trees and plant life around the water reserve to hold the soil in place and not wash down into the water.

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Is wood from pecan trees good for firewood?

It depends, any wood is good for a fire, but it doesnt work well if it is recently cut. u have to allow it to dry so all water from the tree can evaporate. After that it works nicely.

What are the chores of a rural African women?

Carry water, collect firewood, grind wheat

What gases exhaust from a fire place when burning firewood is complete?

Carbon dioxide and water vapor

Can trees grow in water?

yes. trees can grow in water but a little amount of water.

How do pine trees get its water?

do pine trees get there water from roots or needles

What are 3 examples of an vascular plant?

Water lilies, sunflowers, and trees.

What is an oasis and why is it important?

an oasis is a type of water and desert's it is important because it is part of food that we eat and with out water we will die of thirst.An oasis is a reserve of water in a desert that supports a multitude of creatures. around an oasis is usually a lot of plants, like palm trees and stuff.

Does this reserve contain salt water of fresh water?

there are no salt in this water but there is salt water in the stastes

After the oceans where is the next largest reserve of water found?

rivers is the next largerts reserve fo warter.

What kind of trees needs a lot of water?

Willow trees need alot of water

Could you name some marine reserves in Belize?

Marine Reserve "Hol Chan"Marine Reserve "South Water Caye"Marine Reserve "Mata Rocks"

How can trees prevent floods?

Trees absorb water.

What do you call a great reserve of water or dam?

A reservoir

What are the chores for a rural woman in Africa?

1) as collecting firewood, 2) grinding grain, 3) and obtaining water

Is water healthier than soda?

Absolutely, if it is clean water. BUT SODA IS WAYYYYYYYYYYY TASTIER, NO OFFENSE TO WATER!!!!!!

How do trees take in water?

The trees have water carrying tube (xylem) locates at the inner side of the stem. The water is being absorbed by the roots and to the xylem and to the rest parts of the trees.

How do cutting down trees cause flash floods?

trees absorb water and it trees are cut down, then the trees can't absorb water so the water gets absorbed by the ground but that isn't enough so the water just travels causing floods

What trees absorb the most water?

There are a variety of types of trees that absorb a lot of water. One of the most popular trees is the weeping willow.

Can trees grow in salt water?

Yes. Mangrove trees do.

What role do woman play in an igbo family?

The women cook, get water and firewood, clean, and sell acess products in the market

Why do trees need water?

trees need water to nourish themselves and allow their roots to grow stronger

What are the trees found in warm areas?

Palm trees and mangrove trees (near warm water).

Trees that store water in their trunks and branches?

Bottle trees from Australia and Baobab trees from Africa

How do trees prevent salinity from developing?

The trees keep the water level low by sucking up the water but when u cut down the trees the water level rises and the salt hit the surface

How might planting trees stop water erosion in treeless area where it rains a lot?

I might help so the water slows down when it hits the trees and the trees would ebsorb the water