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Of course girls can ask out guys and chances are i jajaa lot more likely to occur that way during middle school as most guys are way too shy at that age to ask the girls out themselves. On can only assume that half the time guys want the girls to ask them out.

yea it is prety normal but still make sure he has intrest in u . liike di=oes he flirts with u is he shy. mostly wat girls do alot is ask them out when there datin sombody and if u want to do that i hope u can bithct slap jajaja

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Q: Is it awkward to ask a guy out in middle school?
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Is it awkward to like a guy in high school when your in middle school?

No! Most girls have HUGE crushes on guys that r older than them!

What if you have a guy friend and then he ask you out and you think it will be awkward then you go out and you dump him what should you do?

What if you have a guy friend and then he ask you out and you think it will be awkward then you go out and you dump him what should you do?

How do you ask a guy out in middle school but his best friend hates you?

Write him a note.

Should a girl ask out a guy in middle school?

Yes anyone can ask anyone out. If you like him go for it.

How do you ask out a guy if you are going into middle school and they are going into junior high?

Oh where i live middle school is junior high. But anyway, it doesn't matter, it is actually a good thing that the guy is older, and age doesn't matter. Just ask him out like what you would do to any other guy.

How do you get to know and ask out a guy that's one year older than you in middle school?


How do you tell if a guy likes you after he asked you to dance in middle school?

Just ask him if he does, then buy him pizza.

Would it be awkward if to ask a guy out and he says no and still have to see him weekly?

well if your a girl , girls don't ask guys out . Let the guy know you like him and see what happens. But it would be awkward if he rejected you and that you would have to see him weekly .

How do you ask a guy in middle school out and make sure that he will say yes?

get him after school somewhere private and kiss him and get naked and then ask him im serious it works for me. good luck xx

How should a middle school girl ask a guy out?

*Hey Wanna Go Out For Movies/Lunch?* geez what an easy thing to do I've done that to a guy before :)

How do you figure out if a guy is sort of into you?

If you want to find out but dont want it to be awkward if it turns out he isnt, get a friend to ask his friend to ask him. It works :)

How do you ask the guy you like for his msn?

Don't ask him directly cause that will be just awkward. Maybe ask for few people's MSN and then ask him so it's not that obvious.