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If you are ejaculating and you hold the semen in, yes it can cause some problems. It is called retrograde ejaculation and can cause infertility as you damage the muscles and valves that are supposed to direct the semen out of the penis and not up into the bladder.

If you are stopping stimulation to the penis just before you ejaculate in order to prolong the time before ejaculation, then there is nothing wrong with that, and is actually what we tell men with premature ejaculation to do in order to build up their stamina.

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i've done it alot, and i'm okay
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i've done it since i was young and never suffered any effects from it.

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Q: Is it bad for you if you hold the semen in when you ejaculate?
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Is it bad if your semen or ejaculate is clear?

No, there is nothing wrong with that.

Is it bad to hold in semen?

It can be at times.

What is per-ejaculate?

Pre-ejaculate is the semen that leaks from the penis prior to ejaculation. Contrary to urban myth, it can cause pregnancy. After all, semen is semen.

Can you get the semen out after you ejaculate in the female?

No you can not.

Can you control the amount of semen you ejaculate?


Does a guy have to have semen to ejaculate?

Yes, of course.

What is per-ejaculate made of?

semen and sperm

Where should semen be ejaculate to get pregnant?

In a vagina.

Do dogs ejaculate semen when humping?


How can a man ejaculate a huge amount of semen?

By masterbating or having sex very slowly, semen buildup from your testicals will make you ejaculate large amounts of cum.

If you can pre-ejaculate can you ejaculate semen?

Yes there are small amounts of sperm in it, and yes you can get a woman pregnant with it.

When you ejaculate does sperm always come out in the semen?


Does some of the semen come out of a girl after you ejaculate in her?


If you ejaculate in her then the semen falls out will she still get pregnant?


Could you ejaculate sperm or semen at the age of 11?

My guess is that yes, you probably can. I could when I was 10. Actually it depends on whether you have started puberty or not. You can ejaculate semen only after starting puberty.You may even ejaculate a clear fluid if you have recently started puberty but even that is semen. The person above must have started at 10 or earlier so he could com and I also could ejaculate clear semen at 11.5 years.

How do you pre-ejaculate?

Men pre-ejaculate when having sex or masturbating. It is caused by stimulation of the penis and gives lubrication so as not to get friction sores. Pre-ejaculate can hold sperm in the semen and can cause pregnancy so removing the penis before orgasm is not a safe method of birth control.

What is pre-ejaculate made of?

Pre-ejaculate is a simple lubrication used to allow sperm to pass through the urethra. Pre-ejaculate contains some chemicals associated with semen, such as acid phosphatase. Some semen markers, such as gamma-glutamyltransferase, are completely absent from pre-ejaculate fluid.

Is it bad to have no semen come out of your penis during puberty?

No, its completely natural. Some people dont ejaculate semen until 20. It is rare, but it may happen to about 55% of normal people. Its perfectly natural no worries.

Is it normal to have foamy sperm?

Yes, this happens in cases where you pre ejaculate semen before the sperm. Ther sperm is the white substance, semen carries the sperm out, if you pre ejaculate semen with some sperm, when you orgasm there will be only sperm, the foamy substance

Does pre-ejaculate have live semen in it?

Yes it can have live sperm in it,

Where does horse semen come out from?

Stallions ejaculate through their penis.

Is it healthy for men to ejaculate a massive load of semen?


When you ejaculate nothing comes out what do you do?

If semen does not come out, then you did not ejaculate. However, if you have had prostate surgery because of bladder problems (not cancer) which is very common in males after age 50 or so, then usually your semen will be ejected into your bladder instead of your partner. You will still eject seminal fluid but there will be little, or no, semen with it. You cannot be absolutely sure there will be no semen come out, so take precautions, just in case.Seminal fluid is colorless sticky fluid which is produced in your prostate gland. It is mixed with semen when you ejaculate, as natures way of helping the semen travel easily where it needs to go. See a G.P. if you cannot ejaculate after you have reached full puberty. You may be infertile.

What is the difference between pre-ejaculate fluid and semen you are not sure that it is semen or pre-ejaculate fluid?

Precum is a lubricant to help in penetration during sex. While there can be sperm in it, the main amount of sperm are in your ejaculate. You generally have to have an orgasam to ejaculate. Pre-ejaculate is a watery clear liquid that comes out first. You can use it as lube. ejaculate is a thick white liquid that comes out last that contains the most sperm.

Can you hold in ejaculate?


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