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No, there is no ethical, moral, or legal reason for it to be wrong.

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heckkss yeahh! it is a majorr formm of disrespectt.

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yes, unless your a hillbilly

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Q: Is it bad to date your cousin's boyfriend?
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What do you do when you like your cousins boyfriend?

when you like your cousins boyfriend wait till they break up and after three months date him and if they get married cheat J K

What are you called if your father and your mom's boyfriend are third cousins?

Well if your father and your mom's boyfriend are third cousins then you and your mom's boyfriend are third cousins once removed.

What if your boyfriend is 21 and your 15 is that bad for us to date?

Not only is it bad, it is illegal.

Can cousins date cousins?

Actually, cousins CAN date cousins.. but I don't think getting married is an option. In conclusion, cousins can date cousins. Theres nothing wrong with it, its not illegal! So go ahead!

Can cousins be boyfriend and gfs?


Is it bad to want to date a non-blood related cousin?

It is not "bad" to want to date anyone. If you want to have sexual relations with a cousin, that is more that going on a date, and some people are uncomfortable with the thought. However, even so-called blood-related cousins can marry -- second cousins everywhere, and first cousins in about half the jurisdictions of the US and I many other places as well.

Is it bad to lie about your age to your online boyfriend?

no, but it is bad to date a on-line boy. You never know who he realy is.

What relation is your cousins boyfriends cousin to you?

My Boyfriend and my cuusin

On icarly what does icarlys boyfriend do?

It depends on the boyfriend you're referring to. In iDate a Bad Boy, he is a homicidal maniac. In iSpeed Date, he is really a girl.

Can Cousins Be BoyFriend And GirlFriend?

yea i guess if you really like them i have a crush on my cousin so its not really a problem so yea cousins can be boyfriend and girlfriend :D

Is it bad that you've gone out with your boyfriend for over a month and a half you haven't gone out on a date yet?


Can I date my aunts cousin?

yes, you can. If your dad and your cousins mom are brother and sister then you can date your cousins cousin on your cousins dads side.