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No it's not bad i am experiencing it right now! the lump is normal it's meant to be there you just didn't notice it before sex because it wasnt as big, it's just so big and sore now because it's swallowen up from the sexual intercourse you had - you will find that you can't sit down or walk very well without it hurting and it will hurt when you pee. I don't know how long it takes to go back to normal as i have had mine for three days now but im sure there is nothing to worry about

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โˆ™ 2005-03-13 17:53:31
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Q: Is it bad to have a painful lump in your vagina 2 weeks after your first sexual intercourse?
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What is the partial covering to the opening to the vagina?

It is called the hymen. It is a thin piece of skin that covers the vagina and is broken during the first time having sexual intercourse.

What is sexual intocours?

First of all, its sexual intercourse. It involves sexual contact between two opposite sex individuals involving penetration, especially the insertion of a man's penis into a woman's vagina.

Can it be possible that blood comes out of the girls vagina after second sexual intercourse after a long gap if during the first intercourse only the seal breaks and sex doesn't happen?

yes it is possible if the first player was not perfect

Pain in vagina during intercourse?

pain in vagina during intercourse is when there is no vagina fluid due to poor playing sex without fore play first.

Is true that a virgin vagina is very much more tight than a non virgin vagina's sex with virgin vagina is more pleasurable than non virgin vagina?

Yes, a virgin female who has not had intercourse or used a sextoy would be more "Tight" than a female who has had sex and streched it. The pleasure is in the feel of the beholder, It can be painful depending on the size of your penis too. ALWAYS make sure the female concents to sexual intercourse and STOP if she wants to stop it can be extreamly painful for her first time and may even bleed which is normal too.

Do sexual intercourse hurt?

Normally, no -- unless you're doing something wrong. Female virgins, however, may find their first penetration painful.

Can you get a girl pregnant after only one time?

Anytime the penis is inserted into a vagina and sexual intercourse is done there is a risk of getting her pregnant even after the first time.

Average age for sexual activity?

First Sexual IntercourseThe median age at first intercourse is 11 years for boys and 11years for girls.

What is the medical term for the first intercourse of a girl?

loosing her virginity or breaking her hymen.

What is losing your virginity?

When you have sexual intercourse for the first time.

Do boys get penis cut after first sexual intercourse?


Would you feel nausea after first time intercourse?

You may. First time intercourse is painful for most women. Pain can cause nausea.

What is your viginaty?

As far as I know. Your virginity is a thin membrane located in your vagina. When you have your first sexual penetration it usually breaks and the tiny veins in the neighborhood break what causes little bleeding. No. That's not really what it is. Your virginity is what you have before having sexual intercourse. It's basically your innocence. A boy and girl has it and after engaging in sexual intercourse you have lost it and can never get it back.

How do you intercourse first time?

Intercourse the first time is the same as the rest, the male penis is inserted into the female vagina. After a while the male ejaculates, intercourse may be painfull for the first time for the female.

Do fat women have tight vagina's?

Yes they do. When fat women are virgins and have sex for the first time their vagina is tight and if they have not had sexual intercourse for some then their vaginas become tight again.

Why doesn't my boyfriend put his penis for 1 hour in my vagina hurt?

well it all depends. was it your first time? cause if it was then it must have been too much for you to Handel on your first time in sexual intercourse

Is it true sexual intercourse hurts the first time?


Does sexual intercourse hurt the first time?

It really depends on the individual. It depends how old you are, the size of the penis and the vagina, and how you go about it. It is likely that the first time will hurt, but if you are compleatly ready for sex don't let this stop you.

Can a female lose her virginity after the first time she's had intercourse?

She will lose her virginity the first time she has sexual intercourse, and she won't get it back.

Penis size before first sexual intercourse and later?

i will want to see how big it is before i start to have sexually intercourse

Do your first time hurt?

yes! first time could be painful because i male penis is tearing open the vagina of a female so it can be painful but you will get use to it?

What does it mean when a girl says they lost their vignaity?

When you have sexual intercourse for the first time.

How many husbands eat pussy?

In layman's term, eating vagina is actually licking it during sexual intercourse. Nowadays, majority of men licks their wives vaginas first before the completion of sex acts.

Who were the first people to have sexual intercourse?

According to Genesis, it was Adam and Eve. From the standpoint of Evolution, human sexual reproduction is basically the same as that of the other hominids who are our evolutionary siblings, so sexual intercourse actually preceded human beings!

Is bleeding while intercource normal?

For a woman, it's normal to bleed the first time she has sexual intercourse. That is when the hymen breaks. Apart from that, she should normally not bleed every time she has sexual intercourse.