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No it's not bad i am experiencing it right now! the lump is normal it's meant to be there you just didn't notice it before sex because it wasnt as big, it's just so big and sore now because it's swallowen up from the sexual intercourse you had - you will find that you can't sit down or walk very well without it hurting and it will hurt when you pee. I don't know how long it takes to go back to normal as i have had mine for three days now but im sure there is nothing to worry about

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Q: Is it bad to have a painful lump in your vagina 2 weeks after your first sexual intercourse?
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Is the first sexual intercourse more painful for women aged 35 and above?

The first sexual experience is probably less painful the older the participant. A 35 year old woman is at the peak of her sexuality, lubrication & has probably had enough life experiences that the first sexual experience shouldn't be painful if her lover is patient and skilled.

What is the partial covering to the opening to the vagina?

It is called the hymen. It is a thin piece of skin that covers the vagina and is broken during the first time having sexual intercourse.

What is sexual intocours?

First of all, its sexual intercourse. It involves sexual contact between two opposite sex individuals involving penetration, especially the insertion of a man's penis into a woman's vagina.

Is true that a virgin vagina is very much more tight than a non virgin vagina's sex with virgin vagina is more pleasurable than non virgin vagina?

Yes, a virgin female who has not had intercourse or used a sextoy would be more "Tight" than a female who has had sex and streched it. The pleasure is in the feel of the beholder, It can be painful depending on the size of your penis too. ALWAYS make sure the female concents to sexual intercourse and STOP if she wants to stop it can be extreamly painful for her first time and may even bleed which is normal too.

Can it be possible that blood comes out of the girls vagina after second sexual intercourse after a long gap if during the first intercourse only the seal breaks and sex doesn't happen?

yes it is possible if the first player was not perfect

Is it necessary that girl feels pain during the first intercourse?

No. Often the hymen blocks the penis's entry into the vagina enough so that the hymen must tear during first intercourse and often this is painful. However, a woman's hymen may be so delicate as to have torn long before first intercourse or it may stretch and not tear at all or it may not be painful in either case. Also, a woman may be so distracted by the emotion and feeling of the moment that she may not perceive the painful sensation as negative. Women can also feel pain during intercourse - particularly first intercourse - from inadequate lubrication, relaxation or arousal. But with a sensitive partner and a proper feeling of comfort and affection a woman can enjoy the vast majority of her sexual intercourse.

Pain in vagina during intercourse?

pain in vagina during intercourse is when there is no vagina fluid due to poor playing sex without fore play first.

Do sexual intercourse hurt?

Normally, no -- unless you're doing something wrong. Female virgins, however, may find their first penetration painful.

Can you get a girl pregnant after only one time?

Anytime the penis is inserted into a vagina and sexual intercourse is done there is a risk of getting her pregnant even after the first time.

What is the medical term for the first intercourse of a girl?

loosing her virginity or breaking her hymen.

What is losing your virginity?

When you have sexual intercourse for the first time.

Do boys get penis cut after first sexual intercourse?


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