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Is it best to try to reason with an abusive partner when he is in a rage or when he is calm and in denial?

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Don't bother trying to reason with him at all! Abusers have no rhyme or reason for this behavior and they are fully aware of how they are treating their mate, but like a runaway locomotive they just can't seem to help themselves. Abusers are in a hell of their own. They don't know why they are the way they are, they are in denial, don't care who they hurt and therefore most never seek psychological treatment. An abusive person may have been brought up in an environment with abuse (children see and act out) or something in their personal life like losing a job when they thought they shouldn't have lost the job can anger them and they react with rage. They know they can't act out in society so they come home and take the rage out on their spouse, children, the elderly or even the family pet. They sometimes feel that even society has shunned them or can be bitter that they should be as wealthy as certain other people and become frustrated when they can't attain this goal. Abusers are not "centered" in their lives and therefore a rage brews within them. The only way you can fix this problem is by leaving! You can go to an Abused Women's Center or Mental Health and they will lead you in the right direction. These Centers will keep you safe, give you a place to stay until you get on your feet, give you good counseling and have programs you MUST take to learn the tools of what an abuser is and how to prevent going back to your abuser or choosing another abusive partner. Good luck hon

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What should you do if you threw your abusive partner out of the house but you feel worse instead of better?

Of course you're going to feel guilt or remorse. That's because you have a history with this person and a conscious. But does not mean you should let your abusive partner move back in. It is unsafe for you and for him or her. The best thing for you to do is keep your abusive partner out of the house and slowly lose contact with him or her.

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What will happen to someone if they are in an abusive relationship forever?

If someone is in an abusive relationship forever, they're going to get killed or injured. So I think its best to be single forever.

How can a woman with a history of abuse dissuade herself of the misconception that her present non-abusive partner will be abusive so that she does not sabotage the potentially healthy relationship?

Abusive behavior directed at a non-abusive partner isn't triggered by any misconception that her partner will be abusive. The abusive behavior is more like an immediate, reflexive defensive act against even the slightest hint or suggestion that a hurtful action may be forthcoming from the "nonabusive" partner, and all this according to a very negative and even paranoid interpretation by the woman of her non-abusive partner's behavior. And then she may never recognize or acknowledge her own abusive behavior unless by some crisis or extraordinary instant of enlightenment she finally sees her behavior as it is. But that isn't enough. She couldn't correct her "misconception" by her self, but by steadfastly and steadily working through the problem in therapy. Some abusers adamantly deny doing any of their abusive acts and will likedly never change. The victims of prolonged, persistent, and sadistic abuse often experience Post Traumatic stress Disorder (PTSD) and other, related, reactions. You need professional help to overcome these after-effects. Joining an online or offline support group also helps. I think you and your partner both need counseling. Especially you. If you have any kids, they need it as much as you do. That is probably the only way to get over your fear. You probably won't be able to do it on your own. It's not your fault, it's just the way the mind works. I totally know how this woman feels..... She must go and seek professional help, to help restructure the way she sees things...or else the fear will dictate her life. I wish her the best and hope that past abusers will not ruin her life. Remind her that she does not need to be ashamed to go for counceling....It part of the process to healing. c.

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Should at least 1 appointment be made with an abuser program against an abuser's will if that's what's best for the family?

Yes, clearly the abusive family member wouldn't willingly attend something intended to correct his/her abusive behavior I they are indeed abusive.

Are there books and videos available for verbally abusive men who want to change?

* The best way for an abused man to move on from a verbally abusive relationship is to seek counseling. Just like women, men may have lost their self respect; feel demeaned and ashamed (they are suppose to be the stronger sex) and he needs to find out why he stayed so long in the abusive relationship. Without proper counseling just like women, men can choose another abusive partner in the future and don't have the tools to tell when rag flags go up that the person they are with is controlling at best and the worst .. verbally or even physically abusive. Men have been brought up to not hit women, so it is very often hard for the man to make sense as to why he put up with the abuse for so long. Men can be victims of abuse too and they should not blame themselves.

Should you go back to an Ex?

If the ex was psychologically or physically abusive, you should not resume the relationship. Oftentimes, an abusive person will break up with a partner and then will attempt to resume the relationship because the abuser wants to continue to control that person. An abusive person will wait for his/her former partner to get over the breakup and get on with his/her life, oftentimes the former victim has a new significant other. The abuser contacts the victim, disrupts the victims life again and demands that the victim give up new friends, jobs and any other independence that has been attained. This is all in exchange for resuming a relationship with the abuser. When the victim complies, the abuser is on his best behavior for a while. Then the cycle of abuse starts again once he has his partner dependent and socially isolated. Breaking up and reconciliation with occur as many times as the victim will allow it to happen.

Would you leave your partner if he or she threatned to commit suicide in an event of a breakup?

That is a serious question. Do you want to be with them? If so, you need to speak with your partner about getting therapy of some sort. If you aren't interested in spending any more of your life with this person as your partner, I personally feel, that staying with them out of pity or fear is inappropiate for both of you. If it is an abusive (any form)or toxic relationship, it is imperative for you to get out sooner than later. If you are in true fear that your partner would harm themself then speak with someone that cares for them (a family member, clergy, friend, etc.) and make sure they are aware of this person's threat. This way you are safe and the partner can get help. I wish you the best of luck.

Is the best way to handle an abusive ex-partner flaunting his new girlfriend to be polite and show no reaction?

If he was abusive then I would suggest that you having been with him,you know best what to do in order to keep him from getting aggresive with you in a violent way.If he wants to flaunt her then compliment her and them as a couple then go about your way.You may also consider informing her that he is an abuser.You should consider yourself fortunate to have been able to get out of that relationship.His flaunting her in front of you could be a sign of a couple different things but since he was abusive I won't get into all of them but most likely he had been cheating on you.If you have any more questions feel free to contact me at

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