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How do you know you don't stand a chance? Of course ask her. The worst is a "no" and we can all get that several times in our lives. Don't go through life regretting you never asked. Don't have a long life of "what ifs." Good luck!

It's really up to you. Ask yourself how you will handle it if she says she has no interest in you. If you really aren't ready for "no" as an answer yet, then you might want to try being friends with her and seeing what might develop. On the other hand, if your feelings are overwhelming you so much that it's causing you to put your life on hold, I would recommend that you tell her about your feelings and ask her about hers.

I've always been the type to take the risk because I couldn't stand the thought of "what might have been" if I hadn't. Good luck, and trust that if she doesn't share your feelings, someone will come along who will.

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Does eoghen quigg love Diana vickers?

no he loves me even though he dont know me no he loves me even though he dont know me

What is the poem Oh Captain My Captain about?

This is about how a son loves his father and he doesn't want to leave him even though there are better things awaiting him.

Does Tikal And Shadow Love each other?

No, because shadow loves maria, even though she's dead. I'm not sure about tikal, but if she loves him she does not have a chance. shadow maybe needs to get over losing maria.

Who loves the raiders?

I do! Even though they are absolutely awful. I still support them though.

Why does sakura save Sasuke even though he egnores her?

because she loves him

Does Leafpool still loves Crowfeather?

Yes, Leafpool still loves Crowfeather even though he has a new mate, Nightcloud.

How can you say that the person loves you even though he is far away?

If you feel it in your heart

What does it mean when he says i love you even though your just friends?

It means he loves you

Does God still love you even though you are saved and you have sinned?

yes he still loves u no matter what.god loves all of his childrens and he loves u!

Is there a chance a guy will like you again even though you blew it before?


Who is Demetrius in love with at the beginning of A Midsummer Night's Dream?

Demetrius loves Hermia at beginning of the play, even though Helena loves him.

How do you know if a girl you are courting will you give you a chance to be your girlfriend even if she still loves her ex boyfriend?

don't do it.

How do you know a guy loves you even if he doesnt show it?

He gives you head even though you have STDs:) hope that helps

What can a teenager do if she is like tired of his boyfriend attitud but she know that he loves her a lot how she can broke up with him?

Be honest with him, acknowledge that you realize that he loves you, but explain why you do not feel that you can be in the relationship. Even though this will hurt him now, it's better than him finding out later on that you do not really want to be with him.

Who loves girls wearing glasses even though it's fake in one direction?


Is Inuyasha in love with kikyo?

he had alway's love kikyo and away's will. even though he loves kagome.

What does it mean if your girlfriend tells you she still loves you?

Well it probably means that she thinks you did something wrong, and even though you did it she still loves you and wants to work it out :)

Moral lesson of the story of how your brother leon brought home a wife?

It is better to give than to recieve...Baldo gave Maria to Leon even though Baldo really loves Maria...

Does a guy care for you if he's only hanging out with his friends and doesn't even keep in contact with you even though he tells you how much he loves you?

Probably not, he just wants you when it is convient for him, and telling you that he loves you, keeps you hanging on.

What is important about becoming a painter?

It is your chance to express yourself, or even better the world.

What does it mean when a guy says that he loves you even though your not dating?

It means he "loves you" for who you are ... not in the physical sense, but for what you represent in life, your values, the way you get along with other people.

What do you do if you no someone loves you but thinks that the distance will separate things even though they feel the same way as you?

you guys shouldn't let ANYTHING block you guys from loving each other. You guys should be together even though there's a distance between you two. Talk with him/her more, chat, and if you guys have a chance on at least meeting each other even if only one day in a week, go.

Does erica love lorenzo?

noo. erica hates him even though he wants to have sex with her and they want 2 make a babeyy. lorenzo feels he loves her and he loves her vagina

Who does jack sparrow end up with?

Nobody even though he loves Angelica and she loves him he left her on a island by herself and left him with one gun shot and she fired it at him but she missed.

How do you know if a guy still loves you even though you dont go with him an he has a girlfriend and a baby?

He has a girlfriend so it wont matter if he loves you or not. He clearly does not care enough about you to leave.