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Nothing is better. It depends on your cash availability. If you have low cash and you are unable to mend it up, then, you might sell it without mending. But, if you have cash, then it is better to mend it up, raise the selling price by adding up the mending price and your profits over mending price, and then sell it up.

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If your car is worth more than the trade in value what happens if you trade in?

You will get what they offer. You are always better off to sell your car at below retail and buy a car without a trade. The dealer will rarely give you more than wholesale for your trade in. Sell your car, and then go buy yourself a car. You have much more leverage when buying without a trade.

How do you make a 1990 Ford Tempo faster cheaply?

have a friend with a fast car push the tempo or just trade it in for a better car. have a friend with a fast car push the tempo or just trade it in for a better car. have a friend with a fast car push the tempo or just trade it in for a better car. have a friend with a fast car push the tempo or just trade it in for a better car.

Is your car worth fixing?

You usually will want to get an estimate in order to determine if your car is worth fixing. Many times, if it is your engine, it is not going to be worth fixing.

What song is played in better off dead fixing car scene?

Like to Get to Know You Well by Howard Jones

How do i trade in a car for a scooter?

don't trade in the car for scooter sell the car then sell the scooter you'll get better deal on both of them they won't be linked and you will be able to negotiate with both

How do you install a horn for a Toyota Celica?

You don' trade it in for a better car.

What is the law regarding a mechanic resetting the engine light without fixing the problem?

Type your answer here... no law .do what you want its your car

What is the charge for repairing your crashed car without filing out a crash report?

Your answer depends on the damage and what the repair shop will charge you for fixing it.

Do you have to notify the dealer if you are trading in your car?

No, make the best deal you can on a purchase without a trade and then tell the dealer you have changed your mind and want to trade your old car in. You will then know what he is really giving you for your trade in.

How can i get rid my car without the title and registered in another state?

You cannot sell or trade a car without a title. Apply for a duplicate title at your local DMV.

How can you trade in a car that is in someone elsename?

You can only trade in a car that has clear title. Depending on the dealership, it may work to bring the owner of the car with you to sign off on its being a trade. Or, get the title changed at the DMV into your name before shopping for a car. If this is your wife's car, think twice about doing it without her involvement.

Can you trade in multiple cars for a new car?

Yes, but be aware you will get at the most wholesale for each vehicle. Must better off to sell the cars and buy the car outright with no trade.

In new moon what car was Jacob fixing?

Jacob is fixing the 'Rabbit' which he saved from the scrap yard and he is fixing it for himself so he can drive it around

Can you trade in your car at a dealership for another car without a driver license?

It is a requirement to have a driving licence to buy cars in some countries.

What is passive voice of the mechanic is fixing my car?

my car is being fixed by the mechanic

How can one fix a crack in a car battery?

It's really not worth fixing even if you could. It's better to just buy a new one.

Can i trade my car in without the cosigner being there?

Yes, i am a dealer in sc, people do it all the time

Can you trade a car without it being registered?

Yes, as long as you have the title or transfer of ownership registration.

Will a car dealer sell a car if there is no title on the trade in car?

They will not take the no title car on trade.

How does one fix a paint chip from a car?

You can fix a paint chip from a car by going to a near automobile fixing center. In addition, you can follow online video tutorials on car fixing on websites such as Youtube.

Your car did not come with ac can you install ac?

Only with considerable difficulty. You're probably better off to trade your car in for one with AC.

Can you trade your car in for leased car?

You can trade the cars all in for what you want. Trade for what is on the market

Can I trade in a 2004 Nissan Frontier for a 2003 Nissan 350z and keep the same payments?

there is no answer to this without consulting the garage where you want to trade the car, sorry

Would I get a better offer for my old car from used auto dealers or new dealerships as a trade-in?

Most likely a used car lot will give you more for a used trade in. New dealerships like to deal with new cars only and will pay far less like $200-$300 for every thousand you car is worth and if car has over a hundred thousand miles the new dealership will probably not even accept it at all as a trade-in. A used car lot however will most likely give you a better value from your used car and a better trade in value because they deal with used cars and they are most likely going to resale you car and make some profit which is good for him.

Do you have to buy a new car to trade in a used car?

No, you can trade a used car for another used car

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