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First try and get a Pell grant which you do not have to payoff, then u can get a subsidized or an unsubsidized loan from Direct Loan if youre in the USA. Depending on whether it is an unsubsidized loan it really doesnt matter.. If you must pay interest on the loans while in college then get it over time but if there is no interest while attending cumulative credits then it is your choice...

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Q: Is it better to get one loan each year or one big loan at the start of your education?
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Is an Overseas education loan a better option to fund higher studies abroad?

Studying abroad is a dream of many but only a handful of students are able to fulfil this dream due to the hefty finances attached to it. An international degree comes with a cost. The first option that students have is to apply for a study loan for abroad studies through Elan Loan. There are two types of education loan a student can avail, secured overseas education loan and an unsecured overseas education loan. Education loans can be availed by nationalized and private banks, NBFCs and international lenders. Availing an education loan is a viable choice as there are multiple benefits attached to it.

What is an education one loan?

it is the student loan

How do you get a student loan?

You will have to visit your bank to get a education loan.

How do you write a letter to bank for education loan?

You can write a letter to a bank for an education loan by first addressing the proper authority, such as the bank manager. You need to explain why exactly you are applying for an education loan.

Sample letters for requesting education loan?

study loan

Does the Higher Education Act provide for student loan consolidation?

The Higher Education Act does provide student loan consolidation under the Federal Family Education Loan and Direct Loan programs. The loan consolidation may lower interest rate and extend the amount of time to repay.

How can I pay off my private education loan faster?

The best bet to pay off your private education loan is to consolidate. That will help pay it off faster. Also if your credit is better than when you took the loan out you should be able to lower the rate on it thus making it easier and faster to pay off.

Is there any resources to consolidate school loans online?

A Federal Consolidation loan is a repayment option for student loan borrowers. It is designed to make education loan repayment easier by combining existing eligible federal education loans into one new loan with a fixed interest rate and a lower monthly payment. Consolidation is a bit of a misnomer because a single loan can be "consolidated" to take advantage of better loan terms.

What is a payment calculator loan?

A payment calculator loan is a loan where the monthly payment that is due each month has been calculated. Depending on what type of loan it is, you may have to start paying now, or you may have to pay later.

Role of education loan facility in respect of heigher education?


How does a US Department of Education Consolidation Loan work?

A US Department of Education Consolidation Loan works by allowing students who have at least one student loan held by ED and at least one commercially held FFEL program loan to take out a special loan. One who wants a US Department of Education Loan must apply by the deadline.

Can a teacher get education loan?


What is a educational loan?

a loan that is given by a bank or a agency till the education is completed

What is a C E L N loan?

Continuing Education Loan (private)

Which higher education loan is not intended for students?

The Stafford Loan is not intended for students.

Can a student apply for education loan?

Yes, any student can apply for the education loan as this type of loans are made especially for the students such that they can pursue there higher education without any problems. Students can take the education loan from the bank's as well as the private institutions that are available online. One of such company is that helps you to get loan of any type.

How do you write a letter to a bank requesting education loan?

To write a letter to a bank requesting an education loan, you need to explain why you are requesting a loan. For instance, you can explain that you are returning to school or college.

How can one get a Department of Education student loan?

One can get a department of education student loan by applying for it from the department of education and to do so one must complete forms and receive a disclosure statement.

What education loan is not intended for students?


What is a Direct Consolidation loan?

A direct consolidation loan is made when a person has multiple loans (from education, College, University,) to pay off, so combines it in to a single loan that is then made to the U.S. Department of Education.

Can you get an education loan if your elder brother has already taken education loan from the bank?

See, if your family is not able to repay the loan amount, then you should not take loan on your family's security. Rather, you can take Education Loan on your name i.e. Banks or NBFCs will give you loan, putting a condition that you have to repay your loan after completion of your degree (within a year approx.). So, you can sincerely study and get job in reputed company and you can easily return the loan amount. Popular Banks such as IDBI, Dena, ICICI and NBFCs like Bajaj Finserv give Education Loan for higher studies on legitimate interest rate. Good luck for your future.

Is it correct to say when is the maturity of your loan?

When does your loan mature is better.

Is it correct to say when is the maturity of the loan?

When does your loan mature is better.

How does the Department of Education effect loan consolidation?

The Department of Education determines which students are eligible for a loan consolidation. One can apply onto their website to see if they are eligible.

Name one of the benefits of a Consolidate Education Loan?

Typically a loan for education offers special terms such as lower rates or fixed interest whilst you are still in education. A consolidated loan typically offers lower fees due to there only being one lender involved.