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It's better to train before feeding as the dog is allert and does not want to sleep. Also the dog will want to have the training session when it learns that after training it is food time.

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Q: Is it better to train a 8 month old puppy after feeding?
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What should you do to better train your German Shepherd puppy?

You should be better at training! haha, by thorita.

How you can train a 4 month labrador puppy?

if your really good yes or if the puppy is well behaved than yes again if not then you are in trouble- big trouble

What does it mean to make a puppy smart?

When you train them to do different tricks the younger the better.

If your puppy pooped on your bed today should you poop on his?

No, the puppy doesn't know better, but you do ( I think). House train your pup.

How do I train a miniature Pincher puppy?

You can train your puppy like any other dog, but since it is a puppy and they like to have fun, try makeing training a game!(also try to train them at a young age, that way they have a better chance of being a good dog in the years to come).

How long does it take for a 4 month old puppy to use the bathroom?

You should take your puppy out at least every hour, if it's a male puppy they need to go more often that a female puppy or so seems anyway.

What is the best way to potty train a 6 month puppy when you have 8 hours of school?

You can buy pee pads (sold at your local pet shop), and on weekends you can potty train it!

How do you train a one month old puppy?

One month old puppies can barely walk, see and hear. All he needs at this state is socialization with people and his litter mates.

Will a German shepherd puppy behave better if you get a second one?

Depends, how you train them. If you can't train a first correctly, the other will take the other puppies example.

Can you train an 8 month old puppy to go outside not on newspaper?

Yes, you can train an 8-month-old puppy to go outside for potty breaks instead of on newspaper. Start by taking the puppy outside frequently, especially after meals and naps, and reward them when they go potty outdoors. Consistent positive reinforcement, patience, and a regular schedule will help the puppy learn to go outside.

How do you train a puppy for a child that has autism?

you must bring somebody to train the dog for the child

Got an older puppy from someone that is only paper trained how can you train him to go outside?

If the puppy is already paper-trained, gradually move the paper closer to the door going outside. About half an hour after feeding the puppy, take it outside until it passes either urine or feces. Make a fuss about what a "good" dog it is when it does this. They learn quickly what brings pleasure to their owner.