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Q: Is it cheaper to buy or hire a car?
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Why is it good to hire a car in America?


Cheaper to build a car or buy one?

It depends what you want if you buy a car from a auction you will most lightly get it cheaper. But it proably cheaper to buy one!

How much does it cost to hire a car in Scotland?

Will depend on the hire car, the company and how long you hire the car for (if you hire the car for longer the cost per day will be cheaper). From £20-25 per day for a small car. Link is from Dorset but will be appropriate for Scotland.

Would it be cheaper to buy a new car in ME or FL?

it would be cheaper to bye a car in FL.

Is it cheaper in the long term to buy or rent a car?

obviously buy

Is it cheaper to buy a new car or changing an engine of an old car?

Usually cheaper to change an engine, but then you have an old car with a new engine.

How much would it cost to hire a car for three days?

About £100 for a small car. (Probably $100 in the US - anything car related is cheaper there).

Where can one save money in Brindisi on car hire?

There are many cheaper options when you wish to hire a car in Brindisi. Among some some of the more popular choices include: Car Del Car, Economy Car Rentals, Holiday Rentals and many more.

When would it be worth it to buy a parts car?

when the parts car is cheaper than the parts you need.

Can a British national buy a car in Mexico for a 2 week holiday which must be cheaper than renting?

no it would be cheaper to pay rent for the car

Where is a place in US where you can buy an almost new car for cheaper than dealership or an auction?

car lot

Is it cheaper to buy a car in North Carolina or South Carolina?

South Carolina.

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