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Is it cheaper to leave your gas furnace setting at 68 degrees in the winter

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Q: Is it cheaper to leave the temperature stable?
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Is temperature of the body remains stable at variable temperature?

It Should be stable around 36.5 0C.

Is glucose a stable molecule?

Yes it is stable at room temperature .

The stable temperature of the earth is important in the production of?

The stable temperature of the earth is important in the production of Geothermal Energy.

Can you leave a horse in a stable all year?

Depends on the horse and the stable!

What is the advantage of bubble foil insulation?

The Bubble Foil Insulation is made in such a way that it is more effective in keeping the temperature inside the home stable. Another advantage is that is it cheaper.

Is boron a stable element?

boron can be stable maybe if it is in the room temperature

What are the advantages of artificial fibers?

They are cheaper , easily available, stable and hard.

Why is fluorine stable?

Fluorine stays as F2 in room temperature. So it is stable.

What is the medical term meaning the body's ability to maintain a stable internal temperature?

Thermoregulation means maintenance of a stable temperature in the body.

Which allotropic form of carbon is stable at room temperature?

Coal, graphite and diamonds are all allotropes of carbon and are stable at room temperature.

Why is it important to maintain a stable temperature when making wine?

The purpose for keeping a stable temperature is to allow the yeast to perform it's best. When you leave yeast in colder temperatures the fermentation process slows down and can even go dormant. If it is to hot, it can kill the yeast culture. You want to keep it a little be higher then room temperature. hope this helps!

Difference between Taq polymerase and DNA polymerase?

Taq polymerase is a thermally stable DNA polymerase

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