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When you're on Depo Provera, you don't ovulate, and so don't get a real period. However, some women have bleeding or spotting while using Depo Provera. This is a common side effect.

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Can you still come on your period and be pregnant?

yes you can still get preggers while on the monthly

Could being stressed delay your period?

yes being stessed can delay your period. you just need to relax and your period will come(:

Does more fluid come in your period while drinking?

No, morefluid doesn't come in your period while drinking. Menstrual flowis the uterine lining that was built-up during your menstrual cycle, which is being shed, drinking more doesn't result in you losing more menstrual flow.

What things other than being pregnant can cause your period to come late?

Stress is normally the most common reason, other than pregnancy.

Can your period come on if you are pregnant?

the answer to your question is yes it is very normal to get your period while pregnant it is nothing to worry about.While you are pregnant you don't get a period, but you may have spotting. If you think your pregnant take test.

You have stopped taking the pill why havent you got your period yet?

Because most of the time it will come late or it wont come or if it do it will only be spotting but you wont come on your period as usual while on the pill.!

Is it possible for stress to change a woman's period?

Yes stress can cause your period to come late be extremely light or not even come at all especially when your stressing about the possibility of being pregnant your period always seems to come late.....

Is it normal to have mucus while you are on your first period instead of blood?

Yes.It is normal but it is not your true first period. It will come later.

How soon could you feel being pregnant?

a month that my period didnt come

Can women get pregnant while not on their period?

Yes, the sperm waits inside for the egg to come.

How do you make my period come earlier?

You are able to take some medicine, while attending to a doctor.

Can your period just be late with out it resulting in you being pregnant?

yes it can, but if you have been sexually active and your period doesn't come then there might be that chance of pregnancy...

Why did you come on your period if your boyfriend busted in you?

This means that even though he "busted" in you, you didn't get pregnant... this is really common.

What should you do if you finished taking pills but your period did not come?

Being on any type of birth control will change your period and when it will come. The pill is letting out hormones that your body needs to get used too. If you had unprotected sex even while taking the pill; you may want to get a pregnancy test from a drug store or see your GYN doctor. You period could also be late from stress and many other factors.

What can you do to make your period not come on for a while?

What you can do to make your period not come on for a while is to use some form of hormonal birth control. Not all forms of birth control delay or stop menstruation in all women but some do, such as the contraceptive injection and 28 day birth control pill.

Can a girl's period come on the week after the date it was scheduled to come on?

Yes, especially if she hasn't been getting her period for a long time. Young girls' dates may often switch up a bit for a while.

Can you take a preganancy test while your on your period?

You can... it's possible to, but it will just come up negative. A woman can't conceive on her period... so it would be pointless

Is it OK to get a gyno exam while on your period?

It's A TON better if you schedule your gyno exam after or before you period. Talk to your doctor and she if they want you to wait until you end your period or just come in.

Why doesnt your period come?

The most common cause of this is pregnancy. You feel relaxed once rule out the unwanted pregnancy.

How can you make your period come quicker?

you can not make your period come quicker.

How long does it take until your period arrives when on the pill?

Usually, your period while come during the placebo week of your pills. If you have not started your period even after the placebo week, you should take a pregnancy test.

You have had the contraceptive implant this month and you haven't come on your period is this normal?

Yes this is normal, the implant can affect your period in many ways making it less/more common, heavier/lighter :)

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