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Yes its common because your body is working off the birth control pills which stop you from ovulating. Because of this your body is trying to get back on track and your ovulation cycle may be a bit messed up. It takes 3 months for the pill to be out of your system.

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Q: Is it common to have a lot of discharge after being off of the pill for a month and still have the pregnancy test come back negative?
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Is LOTS and LOTS of discharge a sign of pregnancy?

Possible, take a home test and find out. Postive or negative, you need to call your doctor about being pregnant or exsessive discharge.

Do you still have a vaginal discharge of mucus when you're going to be pregnant?

All women have vaginal discharge prior to being pregnant, as this is our natural lubricant. During pregnancy, the discharge will increase in amount as the pregnancy progresses.

What is the likely hood of being pregnant with a negative result?

It is more common for home pregnancy tests to give a false negative than a false positive. You could be testing too soon. Home pregnancy tests are considered accurate 14-16 days after ovulation.

Can being a diabetic cause a home pregnancy test to read negative?


How do you differentiate pregnancy nausea from actually being sick or can't you?

You differentiate pregnancy nausea from non-pregnancy nausea by taking a pregnancy test. And if it comes out negative your "not" pregnant.

Is having a lot of discharge right before your period a sign of pregnancy?

The week before a period, being pregnant or using oral contraceptives are associated with increased discharge.

Can a negative pregnancy test be used again then turn positive after being reused?

A pregnancy test can NOT be reused and it will not show a accurate answer.

Why would your stomach swell and you have symptoms of being pregnant if a pregnancy test is negative?

Endometriosis, possible pelvic inflamatory disease, or a false negative on a pregnancy test. Consult your physician.

Can being moody an early sign of pregnancy?

Yes. That is a very common sign of early pregnancy

Is being bloated milky discharge swollen breasts feeling heavy a sign of pregnancy?

yes. take a test

Is there a possible chance of pregnancy with brown discharge a week before period along with the feeling of being bloated and mood swings?

There is a possibility yes, especially if your period doesn't arrive. However, brown discharge can de a indication of a UTI and not only pregnancy.

Are abnormal amounts of discharge and being more gassy symptoms of pregnancy?


What are the chances of being pregnant if home pregnancy tests are negative but you keep spotting?

check your doctor.

Is a soft cervix a sign of pregnancy?

A womans cervix changes while her body is going through ovulation, period, progesterone cycles and vaginal discharge. I wouldn't rely on the cervix as being a indication of pregnancy. Do a pregnancy test.

If your period is late and a urine test was negative would you have any pregnancy symptoms if you have low hemoglobin?

Being anemic would make no difference to either pregnancy tests or pregnancy symptoms.

You took a pregnancy a day before your period and it came back negative Does that mean im really not pregnant?

Pregnancy tests are not 100% accurate, but being that it was negative and you got your period, I'd say you are definitely not pregnant.

Could you still be pregnant if there is no discharge from your vagina durng the third week of a normal cycle with TTC refers to pregnancy has not occurred?

Cervical Mucus only increases 4-8 weeks after pregnancy has occurred. Normal everyday CM changes the level of discharge frequently so I wouldn't rely on CM as being a indication of pregnancy.

You took a pregnancy test but you came out negative but you still have symptoms of being pregnant are you?

Not necessarily. I had a tumor that mimicked pregnancy. Everything led me to believe I was pregnant except for the 4 negative pregnancy tests. I went into the ob-gyn and I had a tumor the size of a grapefruit (or size of a 4+ month pregnancy). It was not cancerous & was removed.

Can a faint negative pregnancy test mean positive?

endomentrium bleeding being confused with last menstural cycle

Can a negative for a pregnancy test change being positive?

Yes it can if you have tested too early. Here is a link for information on how pregnancy tests work:

How long can a pregnancy go without out being detected on a Home Pregnancy Test?

That all depends on how much of the hormone is being produce. I know women that have never had a positive home pregnancy test. It only showed up when they had a blood test.

What do you do if you think your pregnant and all your pregnancy tests come back negative yet you have all the signs of being pregnant but nobody believes you because you are on the Depo-Provera shot?

You're not pregnant if you're on Depo provera and your pregnancy test is negative.

What are early signs of pregnancy on your vagina?

It wont show on your vagina early in the pregnancy. _____________________________________________ Actually the last persons answer is entirely incorrect! when a woman becomes pregnant, the surge of hormones that are being made & released cause many changes including changes to the vagina, changes can include swelling of the vaginal walls which is basically the birth canal or the "Vaginal Muscles". when this happens the woman should also notice a increase in vaginal discharge called "Leukorrhea". Leukorrhea is a creamy white discharge that can seem a lot like a lotion or cream looking discharge, and will last through the entire pregnancy and this discharge can be a bit annoying but is another aspect of pregnancy and well worth it when your bundle of joy is being created! Pantyliners can be used to help with this discharge and other discharge you are bound to have during your pregnancy. hope this helps and good luck and blessings! Mrs. K--->mom of twins 11 yr old girls and 2 teenagers--1 boy and 1 girl.

What are signs of being pregnant the first month?

Symptoms of pregnancy are:Missed periodTender breastsIncrease in vaginal dischargeHeadachesTirednessNausea or vomiting

Is there a possibility of pregnancy when you've taken 3 negative home pregnancy tests and have had 3 periods within the past 3 months?

The probability of pregnancy with no late or missing period and 3 negative tests is very unlikely. I would say 98.5% chance of not being pregnant unless you have concieved in your current cycle.