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Yes! At least, it has been for me. From what I have been told, 2001 was a new model year for the Civic, which generally equals more problems. To date, I have had two recalls on my car, my intake and exhaust valves had to be adjusted within the first 3000 miles of driving it (my car was dying when taking corners), I have had numerous problems with my transmission which finally led to replacing several parts (thousands of dollars worth of work), my trunk won't open from the lever inside the driver-side door, and my alternator bearings went out while on a road trip. My mechanic tells me has had problems with other 2001 Civics, as well, especially with transmissions and valves.

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Q: Is it common to have a lot of trouble with 2001 Honda Civics?
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What is EM2?

Em2 is part of the V.I.N number for Honda civics year 2001 to 2005.

Does a 2000 Honda Civic transmissions fit 2001 Honda Civic?

No. The motors are different, the 2000 Honda Civic uses D16 motors and the 2001 Honda Civics use D16 Motors.

Will a 1999 Honda Civic dx trans fit a 2002 Honda Civic lx?

No it will not. 2001 and up Civics use entirely different motors.

Can I use the GReddy Exhaust System for a Honda Civic that was built in 2005?

The GReddy exhausts will work fine for Honda Civics 2001 model year and on.

What does trouble code p0780 means on a 2001 Honda odyssey?

Trouble code P0780 means:Shift malfunction

What size speakers are in a 2001 Honda civic?

For most civics its the same, 3x2 in the front and 6x9's in the back behind the passengers.

Does 2000 Honda Civic have a LATCH system?

According to the following link (, LATCH was put into Honda Civics starting with the 2001 series.

Do all 2001 Honda civics come with air conditioning?

No, on the DX & HX it is not standard equipment but was a $1,099 option. On the LX & EX it was standard equipment.

What Type of oil in 1998 Honda Accord?

Both the owner's manual and the oil filler cap for 1998-2002 Honda Accords states 5w30. NOT 5W20. 5W20 is for newer (2001-) Honda Civics and (2003-) Accords with tighter mechanical tolerances.

Where do you hook up obD code reader on 1995 Honda civic?

if its a us Honda then its under the dash on left if its a UK Honda then its not obd compliant until 2001 actually i believe only 1996 and up year civics have an OBD port for plugging in the scanner..

P0730 Honda Civic 2001?

Trouble code P0730 means: TCM A/T Shift Control System

When should you change the timing belt on a 2005 Honda civic?

Honda's maintenance schedule says 110,000/7 years. This is probably for 2001-2005 Civics, since they are the same generation, but I am not positive about that. I have seen what seems like random guesses for other Honda vehicles on this site. Go with the actual Honda recommendation!

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