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Yes, if you are describing a way that one manages their homework.

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Q: Is it correct to say He is inconsistent with his homework.?
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Is it correct to say homework was sent home?

Yes!it is correct to say homework was sent home.

Can you say homeworks?

It is not grammatically correct, no. The word is homework. "I have a lot of homework." or "I have homework in several classes."

Is it correct grammar to say He was continuing doing his homework?

No, The correct grammar for this sentence would be, "He finished doing his homework."

Is it correct to say date due of your homework or due date?

Due date

Can you use inconsistent in a sentence?

yes i can, can you? "Your homework efforts this term have been inconsistent in conjunction with your ability Susan. You naughty, naughty girl. Get in my office right now, you need a spanking".

Is it correct to say assist to?

It is not correct to say "assist to". You would use this: I can assist you with your homework. The word assist would need to have a subject since it is a verb. The word 'to' is not a subject.

Correct answer they do their homework now?

The correct answer is, they are doing their homework now, or they will do their homework now. The word do can be used as an action verb or an auxiliary verb.

Can you say you have many homework?

No, you can say "I have a lot of homework." Or "I have to much homework"

She does not always complete her homework is dis sentences correct?

Yes, the sentence "She does not always complete her homework" is correct.

What does inconsistant mean?

The correct spelling would be "inconsistent" meaning not in agreement, incompatible, contradictory... If you are called "inconsistent" then your behavior is unpredictable.

You were starting doing your homework when he came in. correct or not?

No. You should say: "You were starting to do your homework when he came in."You rarely have two conjugated verbs in a sentence unless it is compound or there is a dependent clause in the sentence.

What would you say if you did not complete your homework?

Say you didn't complete your homework. The answer is implied.