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No. It should be "Consist".

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Q: Is it correct to say each team should consists of?
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What is the correct grammar for the following sentence Each team took their place at the starting line?

Each team took its place at the starting line.

How many people in a rugby league?

Each team consists of 13 players plus 4 substitutes.

What is correct 'you and your team is' or 'you and your team are'?

"You and your team ARE" is correct.

How many games is MLB season?

162 by each team.

How often do pro football players run?

Everyday there is practice unless team rules say otherwise. Each practice consists of running for all team members

What is Kabadi?

Kabadi is a team contact sport that originated in south Asia it consists of two teams. Each team occupies the half of a field. Each team sends a raider to the half of the field occupied by the other team. The raider then have to chant "Kabadi" and tag the team members and return back to his half field

How many players should be on the court from each team?

There should be only 6 players per team on a court.

How many players are there in kho kho?

Each team consists of twelve players, but only nine players take the field for a contest.

How long would a odi game of cricket last?

A test match goes on for 5 full days. Each day consists of 90 overs and each over consists of 6 bowls. each team can get 2 innings to bat where all their 11 batsmen can have a go with their bats.

How team members should behave?

Respect each other

Should Google and Apple Team together?

No. Google and Apple should not team up together so that they can be competition of each other.

How many reserves are there on a rowing team?

This is usually dependant on the team, but most commonly there are 2 reserves known as the "Spare pair." This usually consists of one rower on each side (Port and Starboard).