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Probably, but then again it was cruel TO use them in the first place so why would it bother you?

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โˆ™ 2005-11-30 20:30:40
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Q: Is it cruel to tell a person you used them and are sorry when you dump them?
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How do you dump your husband?

you tell them that you are sorry but it is not working out ,or you are a good person but you are not my perfect match ,can we be friends uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhh if you dont love him anymore just throw his stuff outta your house and kick him out!

How does the girl dump the boy?

just tell him i want to dump you

What do you do if a boy tells you hes loves you but you dont love him and want to dump him?

Be honest, but gentle. Tell him you're sorry, but you don't feel the same.

How do you dump someone on the internet on msn without hurting his feelings?

you don't it's better to tell them in person

Is cj Logan a real person?

NO!!!! He is only in a book. He has a blog but it was made up to tell his side of a story. If you want to read this book it is called Thou shalt not dump the skater dude and other commandments I have broken. The blog is at THE END. Sorry if you thought he was a real person.

Which color is used to say sorry?

There is no particular colour to say you are sorry and it is far better to face the person and tell them you are sorry.

What do you do if you lie?

you should confront the person right away and tell them you are sorry

I want to tell someone I am sorry but I can not seem to do it?

* If you are totally in the wrong then you'd better learn to say you are sorry as you will be faced many times with having to tell someone you are sorry. It is wiser to face the person (if possible) to tell them you are sorry and look them straight in the eyes when you say it so they know you truly are sorry. To not say you are sorry is sad as you will miss out on many wonderful friendships.

What is an open dump?

An open dump is when you take a dump in front of people and tell them to watch you

Can you tell Vanessa to dump zac?


How can you get your boyfriend to say im sorry?

tell him you may not love me, you may not like me, but you will respect me. Or just dump him and if he wants you he'll apoligise

A cultist is in love with a guy and threatens the guy if he dump her What should the guy do?

Dump her now, before it gets worse. Tell a parent or other trustwothy person about it and go to the police if necessary.

What sould you do when a boy likes you but he has a girlfriend?

Tell his girlfriend or tell him to dump her for you

How can a deaf and dump person tell the blind person that their friend the cripple is dead?

The deaf person writes down what happened for someone other than the blind person, and the person that got the note for the deaf person reads the note to the blind.

Your friend likes this boyand he likes her you are afraid he is going to dump her what should you do?

Tell your friend to dump him so even if he as going to dump her she won't be heartbroken.

How do you say I'm sorry?

The best way to say you are sorry is to try and see the person you hurt and look them straight in the eyes and tell them you are sorry and that you have learned from your mistake; that no one is perfect. Hopefully the person (depending on what you said or did to them) will be mature enough to forgive you.

How do you dump annoying guy?

Tell him to get lost.

If you are going out with a guy but you like another guy more and that guy asks you out who should you go out with?

=First if you don't like the person your dating kindly dump him the you can go out with the person that asked you out. but when he asks you out tell him a in about a month so you have time to dump your boyfriend and let it soak in for him and for him to move on also.=

How do you tell a woman you love her and your sorry?

First of all say you are sorry explaining what you did to be sorry for and WHY you are sorry. Then tell her you love her.

How can a rabbit with black fur have babies with white fur?

Okay my freind I feel that the rabbit has been cheating on you. Am sorry to have to tell you this but it sounds like it was/ is a long affair. dump her. She's not worth it

What was Pharaoh Khufu like?

Khufu was a fat and cruel person stories tell that he killed his own son to see if the magic of his medicines worked or not

How can you get your girlfriend to dump you?

Don't act yourself, act as if your a mean, sloppy, selfish person and she will get fed up of it eventually, and anyway, you shouldn't be wanting her to dump you, if your that desperate to break up with her you should tell her straight or else she will be confused and hurt.

How do you make her happy if you have pissed her off?

Tell that person you are sorry, tell her you love her and share a present to prove your love. Tell you made a mistake even if you did not do anything wrong.

How do you dump your girlfreind?

Just be kind and respectful to her, tell her why you need to leave. Then ask her if you can remain friends.

How do you say sorry confidently?

You will need to come up with reasons why you are sorry and they must be evident and reasonable. You will need to convince the person you are saying sorry too to understand why you are and accept forgiveness. Also tell the person that it never happen again in a way that seems logical.

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