Is it dangerous for someone with hydrocephalus to go tanning?

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Can you go tanning while pregnant?

Yes, what do you think might happen? Don't pregnant women get a sun tan in Mexico, or Africa, without problems?. If you are on vacation and tanning in the sun you should be aware that your tan may be patchy, you may get a large freckle across your face and also a darker line down the center of your ( Full Answer )

How old do you have to be to going tanning?

Sixteen if your go with your guardian. And depending on the place you go its either seventeen or eighteen and older. Always bring your ID just in case, and it the place isn't too busy they might pretend your old enough and let you tan for ten minutes Im 14 now and i went tanning when i was 13 in ( Full Answer )

How often should you go tanning?

Tanning indoors- usually about 5 to 7 sessions (about every other day) to build a base tan, once a week to maintain base tan.

Can you go tanning with ringworm?

Yes you can go tanning with ringworm. The bright UV lights damage the ringworm fungus and drys out your skin. This process of quickly drying the skin will actually help get rid of the ringworm. I would wait to apply any topical creams until after you are done tanning because they might irritate your ( Full Answer )

What is hydrocephalus?

Hydrocephalus, also known as water on the brain, is a conditionwhere an abnormal amount of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) builds up inthe ventricles of the brain. This is a common secondary conditionto the neural tube defect Spina Bifida, but it can occur on it'sown, most likely from a head injury.

Can you go tanning everyday?

Not advisable - risk of skin cancer later very high through daily tanning. Alternatively keep your exposure to the sun limited to the times the sun rays are not so powerful. Briar Carwell's Edit: You can, it's not recommended. Melanogenesis is the process in which your body reacts to the sun. Du ( Full Answer )

Why are you ichy after going in a tanning bed?

it may be because of an allergic reaction to the lotion you are using or more commonly a heat rash. to avoid a heat rash on pressure point move around while in the bed or tan for less time also a fan can help.

If you are twelve can you go tanning?

Tanning is not a safe alternative to sunning. They used to say that you should get a nice healthy tan. There is really no such thing as a healthy tan. When your skin darkens it is because it is cooking. I know a lot of people that have had skin cancer and wished that they didn't go after that "healt ( Full Answer )

How old do you have to be to go tanning?

It varies from tanning place to tanning place; however, most places require you to be 18 years old to tan WITHOUT parent consent. 14 is generally the youngest one can go tanning, or course, WITH parent consent.

What is the dangers of tanning beds?

Tanning beds expose you to UV light which has been linked to cancer. Tanning beds can also cause premature wrinkles and damage to your skin cells. If the proper tanning lotions are used you can help prevent damage to your skin. I would suggest that you find out what type of skin you have and which t ( Full Answer )

Do you go tanning naked?

Its your personal choice but most woman infact tan naked such as myself i really dont like tan lines so i dont wear underwear or swim suits like some do. i dont im 18 bi the way

Can you go tanning if your peeling?

A "sun burn" is actually your body's allergic response to too much sun exposure. When you have a sun burn, you should drink plenty of water and keep your skin moisturized with a lotion that does not contain mineral oil, lanolin, or alcohol (and most do, so be sure to check your ingredients!). Tanni ( Full Answer )

Are spray tans dangerous?

YES!!!!!!!!!!!! all tans are dangerous no matter how much sunscreen you put on because sun is very very very very danderous and you could get skin cancer even with spray tanning. no it's not it's actually a good alternative to real tanning.

How much is it to go tanning?

The cost of tanning all depends on a couple of factors.. 1. The indoor tanning salon that you plan on going to. All tanning salons charge different prices for tanning minutes or usage. Most salons have days of the week that are half off or $5 for a one time tan. Check out your local salons for the ( Full Answer )

How do you go tanning in a tanning bed?

lie down on your back then 5 mins l8r flip you body so your are on your stomac Briar Carwell's edit: The previous answer is incorrect for most modern beds. It varies from salon to salon based on their equipment. Most tanning beds will be just that... beds. You will get in, pull the top down, ( Full Answer )

Are self-tanning products dangerous to your skin?

Self tanning lotions are NOT dangerous to your skin. The only potential hazard is believing that the layer of fake tan gives you any protection from sun rays - which it doesn't. So as long as you remember to use sufficient amounts of sun screen, there is no reason to lay off the self tan. The sel ( Full Answer )

What type of people go tanning?

People who think they are too white and want to get vitamin D. People who want a tan, and don't want to use fake tan.

Can you go in the water after a spray tan?

No, you're not suppose to get in the water after a spray tan. There's a 4 hour period where you're not allowed to get wet so that the spray tan can get into your skin.

How do you make your tan go away?

The best way is to wither use a hand srubbing glove with soup or you can buy these tan removers which have a more exfoliating suntance. There are some more cheaper ways to get tan off, try looking up in Google how to make your own tan remover cause I bought this homemade one and it was so good.!!

Can you go tanning if you are taking Zoloft?

You can go tanning but you might burn easier or get a rash. I found out after going tanning on a few occassions I have broken out and then eventually gotten sun burnt and never increased my time of 10 minutes and I take Zoloft regularly. Not everyone has this reaction though so you might luck out.

Can pentecostals go tanning?

Theoreticaly no, due to the fact that pentecostal women are expected to be extremely modest and do absolutely nothing to make themselves more attractive to men.

Should you go to a tanning salon?

The tanning bed naturally replicates sunlight so you get the full benefits of natural Vitamin D absorption just by laying in a tanning bed instead of heading outdoors ( Full Answer )

Were should you go to get a good tan?

Hey there. I just do some sun bedding you don't have any white bikini marks or anything looks supa hot!!!!! Or get a deep tan oil and lay in the sun for an hour it gives u a really sexy deep brown tan.

Is there a possibility that mild hydrocephalus can go away?

I had a pretty extreme case of Hydrocephalus since 14 where a large tumor grew in the center of my brain and a shunt had to be placed. In later years of checking up on it the doctors found that it was shrinking and later vanished completely. So yea I'm not a doctor but it is possible.

Is tanning really dangerous?

Although minor tanning poses no threat exccesive tanning has been known to cause skin cancer, eye damage and other medical always use sunscreen

Should you go booth tanning?

It depends on who you are really. Many people think booth tanning is a quick fix to their pale skin issue, when really it isn't. What booth tanning does is that it speeds up the process of a tan from the sun, therefor, if you tan from the sun, it will work beneficently for you, while on the other ha ( Full Answer )

What is the life expectancy of someone with hydrocephalus?

If hydrocephalus is treated successfully, and there are no further complications, then having hydrocephalus will not affect life expectancy. There are always risks connected to surgery, infection being the greatest risk. I have read a lot about hydrocephalus, and have never found any statistic ( Full Answer )

Does Tom Daley go tanning?

no he has a tan which is unusual in most boys in britain because of the competitions he competes in in hot countries

Is alcohol consumption dangerous with normal pressure hydrocephalus?

I think that it is very dangerous. First, there are already balance issues and memory issues. Alcohol stays in the body especially if you are drinking it every evening. I don't think that you ever get really sober so that an accurate evaluation can be done. Most of the time people lie about the amou ( Full Answer )

Can you go tanning on abilify?

One should consult a doctor first. Abilify medication guide states:Stay out of the sun. Do not wear too much or heavy clothing

Can you go tanning in a tanning bed if you are peeling?

A "sun burn" is actually your body's allergic response to too much sun exposure. When you have a sun burn, you should drink plenty of water and keep your skin moisturized with a lotion that does not contain mineral oil, lanolin, or alcohol (and most do, so be sure to check your ingredients!). Tann ( Full Answer )

How do you go tanning without going to the tanning salon or go tanning outside?

Without sunshine in some form, either natural or simulated, you can not tan. However, you can get the appearance of a tan by using a sunless tanning option. Tanning salons often offer sunless tanning booths and there are several sunless tanning lotions and sprays available for home use. Some are des ( Full Answer )

Can you go tanning with your tattoo?

With a fresh tattoo, absolutely not! You are exposing UV Rays to an open wound, which is not good if you want to stay clear of carcinoma or in some instances, melanoma. These are rare instances as you would have to tan a lot with fresh tattoos, but the danger is still there nevertheless. Even when h ( Full Answer )

Is home tanning beds dangerous for children?

Home tanning beds are dangerous for children because small children are able to press buttons from 2 months on, therefore they could press the start button and climb in and could get burnt, etc. They could also be dangerous because the lid could close on them if they were trying to climb in.

Can you go tanning with a tattoo?

Depends on when you go the tattoo. It takes 6 months for a tattoo to heal believe it or not, and within that healing period DO NOT TAN! It is really bad for the tattoo. It could cause fading, ghosting and color leaks. After your tattoo is all healed just double check with a tattoo artist to make sur ( Full Answer )

What is the hydrocephalus?

Hydrocephalus means "water on the brain." Its is an excess accumulation of cerebral spinal fluid in the cavities of the brain and can cause increased intracranial pressure.

What are the dangers of using tanning beds at home?

Home tanning beds usually have 12 to 28 100 watt lamps while tanning shops will use 24 to 60 100 to 200 watts. Although in shops the wattage is higher, you will supervised by a trained professional.

What are the dangers of tanning at the beach?

Dangers of tanning at the beach include getting sunburned, developing melanoma, uneven tan lines and getting salt water on your sunburn which will sting like crazy.

What are the dangers of tanning bed lamps?

Using tanning beds is no safer than getting a tan in the sun. The sun emits UVA and UVB rays where as the tanning bed only uses UVA. Both are damaging to your skin and run a high risk of causing skin cancer with repeated tans. You can still get a sunburn using a tanning bed. Plus, your eyes are ( Full Answer )

Why is it dangerous to sun tan?

Sun tanning allows the skin to absorb UV rays from the sun. These UV rays tan the skin by increasing melanin production in the skin cells. This elevated speed of production GREATLY increases the risk for mutation of the skin cells, especially when the skin is burned. These mutations cause skin ca ( Full Answer )

Can gray and tan go together?

Greys and tans are basically neutral colours, and tend more commonly to be softer, more subtle colours. Both the greys and the tans make wonderful accompaniment to bolder, richer colours. When combine in a single space greys and tans create a soothing and calming atmosphere. I would recommend you ( Full Answer )