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Q: Is it dangerous to park car in garage when the car makes the garage smell like gasoline?
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Why does an open gasoline can fill the garage with the smell of gas?


How do you get gasoline smell out of dogs fur?

How do I get gasoline smell out of dogs fur

Can you use bleach to get rid of the smell of gasoline you spilled on the garage floor?

You could, but it would be a waste of bleach when soap and water would probably do an equal or better job.

How does gasoline smell?

Because of what it is made from

Why does gasoline smell like gasoline?

because it does. problem? no? ok byee:)

What takes gasoline smell out of clothes?

gasoline odor removal from clothes

Lawn mower gas can spilled in garage?

This is potentially dangerous. Pick up the can and replace the top. Then open the garage doors and windows to let the wind blow through until all the smell of gas has disappeared (this may take some time). DO NOT SMOKE, USE A NAKED FLAME OR ANY ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT IN THE GARAGE UNTIL THE SMELL HAS GONE.

When you refuel then drive away why do you smell gasoline?


What can be used to neutralize the odor of gasoline spilled on a garage floor?

Unless sealed, most garage floors are porous and the smell will dissipate on its own accord. There are commercial products that are available, but many use litter or sawdust to absorb the spill that can be swept away.

Can you smell carbon monoxide gas at any point?

No, and that's what makes it so dangerous. It's a deadly gas but there are gases that are worse. You can smell those gases, and you can't smell CO.

My empty garage often smells like someone just struck a match what would cause this?

the smell off a match is caused by the same thing that probably makes your garage smell, sulfur. we put it on a match, Birds jjust crap it out, you probably just have some birds nesting or living in your garage walls/ceiling.

Why does gasoline smell?

Gasoline contains benzene,C6H6, which naturally forms in crude oil, and is furthur refined in gasoline used by our cars. It has a characteristic sweet smell. It is also a known carcinogen.

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