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No you just need a srewdriver and drill.

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โˆ™ 2009-10-29 16:25:39
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Q: Is it difficult to install the 3m Under Desk Keyboard?
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Can you install the 3m Under Desk Keyboard into a metal tabletop?

If you have a good drill then yes you can.

Are Under desk keyboard trays easy to install?

Yes they only need a few screws and a drill.

How much vertical space does the 3m Under Desk Keyboard Tray take up under a desk?

The 3M Under Desk Keyboard tray takes up approximately 14 inches of width and about twelve inches of depth.

What is a keyboard tray used for?

A keyboard tray is commonly found as part of an office computer desk. It is a small platform where a keyboard can be placed, along with the computer mouse, and is either stable or can be pulled out from just under the desk itself.

Is the Staples Apothecary Large Desk a good computer desk for home office?

The Apothecary Large Desk would be a good computer desk for your home office if you order the extra accessories needed to go with it. It does have an optional keyboard tray you can purchase and a mobile storage unit can fit under the desk as well. The reviews on this desk were mixed, most saying it is an attractive desk, but was difficult to put together. The design and style of this desk is very nice, and would have enough space on the top of your desk for all your home office needs.

How stable is the 3m Under Desk Keyboard Tray?

It is very stable due to the steel ball bearing mounts.

Where can I purchase a keyboard desk tray?

You can find Keyboard desk trays at most office supply stores including Staples and Office Depot. A keyboard desk tray is a great product and can drastically increase ease of access to keyboard and also saves desk space, all while improving work space comfort.

How easy is the Under Counter Keyboard Drawer to mount?

The Under Counter Keyboard drawer mounts to any desk or shelf by the folding brackets that attaches underneath. The brackets are already attached, so you only have to attach it with the screws.

What are three things that do not have cells?

A desk, a Keyboard, and a Computer.

Why is your mac keyboard functioning as a mouse and how can you reverse this?

help desk

What are the latest keyboard desk trays of 2013?

The latest keyboard desk trays are fairly ergonomic and range in the price of several hundred dollars. These are produced by companies such as ergoCentric and Cotytech.

What is the prepositional phrase in the sentence Alan dropped the paper under the desk?

Under the desk.

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