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Older men are attracted to teenagers, because they are immature themselves, and older woman are more mature. Technically speaking, older men just want sex from teenagers because it's easier to get. Therefore, ALL OLDER MEN WANT IS TO HAVE SEXUAL ACTIVITY WITH TEENAGERS, because teenagers are easier and tighter than older woman.

Babysitting younger kids is, cuz they listen to u.But babysitting older kids is easier cuz u dont have to tell them anything but they wont listen to you!

because your bones get older and more worn out so they are easier to break and they probaly dont eat and enough fruit and veg so they get a lack of vitamins and therefore the bones weaken and tend to break easier :)

democracy is easier than those older days

Yes, it is accually easier to update older ipods.

Usually the see older kids or their friends doing it and are "peer pressured" into doing it.

Some young men prefer older women, others do not. The ones that prefer older women like women who are easier to get to know and closer to.

If a guy is older than you it depends on what he is doing with you if he can get in trouble. If he is your friend and behaving in an appropriate manner no he is not doing anything to get in trouble for. If a guy is doing things he should be doing with a girl who is his own age - like buying alcohol or having sex - you bet he can get in trouble.

Jo Jo is an great older brother but what is he doing now i don't know sorry.

The engines on older cars are, in fact, often easier to repair. They tend to have far less chance of relying on more advanced digital technologies and instead will always use basic analog functionality.

well personally my boyfriend is quite a bit older than me but Its not just older men that attract me. im attracted to whoever can make me happy and at the moment there is only one person doing it and he is doing a wonderful job. love you baby!!!!

The older you get, the easier it gets. You can safely count on 82-year old women falling all over themselves for you.

Doing so can spare some resources on older / slower computers. It also provides an interface that is more familiar and easier to adapt to for users of Windows 98 and Windows 2000.

It makes life easier and comfortable compared in the older times.

It's modern and easier to use rather than the older phones

Yes, they are much easier to clean. Most of the time, you just have to wipe the surface clean.

A older guy because sperm is more developt and more stronger but it can vary it can also be the younger guy it is impossible to know

Because when you are older in your GCSE you might need to know what your doing

If you find an experienced vet he will inform you as to when he feels most comfortable in doing it. The larger the rabbit the easier and therefore sooner. Usually the surgery is preformed after six months. In male rabbits, the testicles must have descended. Vets will usually will be hesitant about about doing the surgery on an older rabbit because it is increasingly risky for the rabbit.

Adopting an older dog can either be easier, or harder. They may also not meet your expectations. It can be easier if you are older, or are not as active. Older dogs tend be less active, therefore, need less playtime. It can be harder if the dog you adopt has or develops problems like diseases or if they become blind or deaf. They may not meet your expectations if you are looking for an active playmate that can play with children, or with yourself if you are very active. They also may not always be up for a jog with you or swimming in the lake. Adopting an older dog is great and gives them another chance, but you have to know what you sydney're getting into, as with any pet. pppeee

yes and no it depends what the youngerbrother is doing

20 years older than the person doing the calling.

She got older and the Amanda show was a show for kids

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