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Depo Provera is meant to prevent pregnancy. When you stop, you don't have pregnancy protection. There is no special "fertility boost" immediately after stopping depo provera.


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If you got pregnant on your last depo shot then it should be obvious you can get pregnant taking it.

Depo provera is meant to prevent pregnancy. it is not meant to make it easier to get pregnant.

Depo Provera will not harm or end the pregnancy.

If you are on the Depo shot then when it is time to go back and get your shot they will tell you and you won't be able to get your shot.

i have got pregnant while being on the depo shot it the reason why is that my body did not take the drug how it was suppose to and i found out that when i got the shot to the time i found out i was pregnant as if i was never on it

It is highly unlikely to get pregnant on the depo provera. And if you are worried because you have not had a period in two months that is normal for the depo shot. It is made to stop your period

can you get pregnant when missing one month of depo Type your answer here...

I got the depo shot 1 week after unprotected sex then found out I was pregnant. I lost the baby because of an ectopic pregnancy. There is no proof but I think depo had something to do with it.

Yes. Depo does not prevent UTIs. However, pregnancy is very unlikely on Depo.

No. Depo-provera is used to prevent pregnancy. It will not be given if the woman is already pregnant.

If you want to get pregnant, stop taking birth control. Using the pill after stopping depo provera will not help you get pregnant. Talk to your health care provider to educate yourself about conception and pregnancy.

Its possible if you're pregnant & continue having the shot.

Stop taking the shot asap.. it can take up to a year for Depo to get out of your system completely.. It took about 16 months to conceive my son after I stopped getting the shot..

Depo provera is birth control, meant to prevent pregnancy. It is of no use to a pregnant woman.

It is common to have no period when using Depo Provera.

Yes. It's even possible to get pregnant while still on Depo Provera, as it is not 100 percent effective. 83 percent of women who stop taking the shot get pregnant within the first year. Time does vary as your fertility will go back to what it was before taking the shot. Some women can conceive sooner, and some later.

It's not. You can start Depo Provera at any time in your cycle.

The Depo Provera injection lasts for 13-15 weeks. After that, you could get pregnant.

There is no danger to the pregnancy if a women uses Depo Provera while pregnant. No punishment is necessary.

I was on depo for 1 year. After taking my last shot in April of 2010, I just became pregnant in November. I am 5 weeks now. After taking depo, I switched to Yaz for 1 month to start and regualte my menstrual cycle again. I guess it all depends on your body.

It is still possible to get pregnant, as depo is only 99% accurate in preventing pregnancies. In the case of the condom being stuck, it is also possible for the semen to escape and find their way to the ovaries and empregnate you. I have two children that were "accidents" while taking the depo shot, and wish the doctors would have told me it is not 100%, since I was in complete shock at learning that I was indeed pregant.

Could I be pregnant because I received my last depo-shot six months ago and havent had a period?

depo is injected into the muscle, it tricks the body into thinking you are pregnant this is why your period is stopped. you do not ovulate at all.

There's no secret to getting pregnancy after taking Depo Provera. You simply have unprotected sex. Some women will be able to get pregnant immediately after the shot is due, and others may have a delay of fertility up to 18 months. The average is 11 monthns. There is no strategy for speeding the return to fertility.

I was on depo for 3 years and I got the same answer from doctors "it could take 9 to 18 months to get pregnant" They were wrong I went off of depo in January and was pregnant by April. Good luck

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