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Placebo is a dose of an inactive pill or other type of drug, used in drug testing to control for psychological effects of taking medicine. Its use is debated in clinical trials, but the practice of prescribing placebo for patients is far more controversial.

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What is ethical opinion?

It is the conscious opinion of what a person believes to be ethical. Or morally right or wrong. It WILL vary from person to person.

Who are the most ethical presidents in US history?

My opinion is that Ulysses S Grant was the most ethical president. The link below supports my opinion.

Does the AMA ethics opinion mention encryption as a technique for security?

. Does AMA ethics opinion mention encryption as a technique for security?

Should cloning be considered ethical?

It's a personal opinion.

Is a conclusion your opinion?

No it is were you summarize every thing you have mentioned although you can mention your opinion in a conclusion

Are ethical norms enforceable?

unless the ethical norms are written into law, they are not enforceable and, to some extent, remain a matter of personal opinion.

What is the importance of public opinion in democracy?

Free public opinion is the soul of Democracy, since they are inside of the ethical and moral values.

What is the ethical viewpoint that leads to this opinion?

The sanctity of life for animals is equivalent to that of humans.

What are the assumptions of business ethics?

Personal opinion, based from religion, and if you obey the law your actions are ethical.

Is it ethical for a psychologist to submit a personal opinion in a civil case that gives a mental health diagnosis to someone he knows only socially and without consent?

If I read your question correctly the psychologist is not giving a professional evaluation in the civil case. If this is the case it is ethical for him to give an opinion. The fact he is a psychologist should have no bearing on the case. He could be a plumber, teacher, or fireman since it is an opinion.

What illustrates the rhetorical element ethos?

This is speaking about the things that are ethical to you. There is often a little bit of personal opinion and history in the argument.

What does ethical relativism mean?

Ethical relativism is the opinion that conceptions of moral and truth values are not certain, but are relative to the person or organizations holding them. You can get more information about ethical relativism at the Wikipedia. Once on the page, type "Moral Relativism" into the search field at the top of the page and press enter to bring up the information.

What are the parts of a movie review?

Plot (overview and can also mention the cast) Review (the review of that movie) Verdict (your opinion)

What are some of the unethical laws?

A so-called "unethical law" is purely an opinion of the eperson who would answer. An un-ethical law is in the eye of the beholder.

In your opinion john a moral and ethical person support your response with textual evidence?

It would be unethical to provide a response as I do not know John, personally or professionally.

Is it ethical to clone a human?

It's my personal opinion that cloning a human is not ethical since in every religion,mankind is projected as the creation of God. So, this sort of juggling over God's creation by Medical Science can not be supported and will tatter the social fabric into pieces.

Does femimore actually work?

Yes it does as far as you follow its complete guidelines. It is not a magic pill, it is a well thought (in my opinion) combination of nutritional advice, exercising guidelines and pills. In about three months of use I increased 1 inch in booty size. After nine months I was up to 3 and a half inches. My sister did not get as much but she didn't follow the complete guidelines either.

Illegal behavior possible be ethical?

This is entirely subjective, as ethics are a personal thing. I would say that yes, illegal behavior can certainly be ethical, as in my opinion certain laws are inappropriate. However, this is wide open to personal interpretation, and your ethics may differ hugely from mine. I believe that the majority of people know the fundamental difference between right and wrong, and the law is there for the rest of us. But that's just my opinion.

What is the difference between ethical and unethical research?

In my opinion an ethical research doesn't exploit anyone, humans, animals, and the enviroment too. An ethical research should also research for something to use on behalf of humanity, not researching for weapons, for example. So otherwise unethical research doesn't care about anyone and anything, giving first importance to the purpose, to the result. This kind of research is sick in my opinion, piloted by people with power and bad purposes, who don't care about anything. Exploiting people, animals and damaging the environment seems almost normal..

When affixing a value to a clinical opinion of the degree of dedifferentiation is termed?

A tumor's grade is the term for the level of differentiation. In contrast, stage is the term for saying the extent to which the cancer has spread.

What is the opinion of tom kaulitz of having a date with someone 9 years old?

He wouldn't. He's 21. That's kinda ewww!. Not to mention illegal.

What is Juliet's opinion of old folks in the play?

Back in the days, you HAVE to respect your elders, especially your parents and the priests. Juliet most likely followed these guidelines. Hope this helps! :)

What has the author Shelley Ruth Butler written?

Shelley Ruth Butler has written: 'Contested representations' -- subject(s): Civilization, Ethnology, Exhibitions, Moral and ethical aspects, Moral and ethical aspects of Museum exhibits, Museum exhibits, Public opinion, Racism museum exhibits, Royal Ontario Museum

Is a reform for health a social reform?

It only may become a social reform in practice when the ethical side of opinion has changed for and decisions being made are being carried out really for reform.

What has the author Elizabeth Anne Bredberg written?

Elizabeth Anne Bredberg has written: 'Punch's kindred' -- subject(s): Abnormalities, Human, Folklore, Human Abnormalities, Physically handicapped, Public opinion 'Ethical assumptions used by teachers of trainable mentally retarded children' -- subject(s): Attitudes, Moral and ethical aspects, Moral and ethical aspects of Teaching, Professional ethics, Teachers of mentally handicapped children, Teaching