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you can have it retrofitted at any garage that services a/c systems for around $200 - $300

The price varies as to the part of country you live in. Call a couple of local garages for estimates/ Retrofitting to the new freon is cheaper than charging with the old freon.

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โˆ™ 2008-12-01 12:46:01
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Q: Is it expensive to change the AC to the new system or is there somewhere you can get the old system recharged?
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Moisture is found in an automotive air conditioning system?

This would be due to the fact that the system has a leak, it must be found and repaired then the system will need to be evacuated and recharged.......

Where does freon go?

In the automotive industry freon is used in the air conditioning system. You need to take your vehicle to a shop if the system needs to be recharged.

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How do you put compressor oil in a 2000 Kia Sephia?

Compressor lubricant is mixed in with the freon and will enter the system when it is recharged

Adding r134a after replacing compressor on a 2002 impala?

See a specialist. System needs to be purged, leak checked & Recharged.....

Why does Heat comes out your vents even with ac on in 1999 bravada?

The most likely reason is your AC system needs recharged.

How do you refill a 1988 Chevy van with freon?

Unfortunately, if the air conditioning system is factory original and has not been converted to use the new R-134a refrigerant, you cannot refill the system yourself. R-12 refrigerant is the old stuff, it must be charged by a professional and will be very expensive. They quit making it almost 15 years ago. Depending on your location is could cost upwards of $300 to get it recharged, and if the system is low then you probably have a leak somewhere so that might be $300 out the proverbial window. If you plan on keeping the van, I would suggest that you convert the system to R-134a. A local air conditioning shop can do this for you. I will cost more than just a refill of R-12, but in the long run, it will be much cheaper as the refrigerant is MUCH less expensive should a leak develop.

The air conditioner does not work in your 99 suburban?

your ac motor has gone out. I f no air is coming out at all. If you have warm system needs to be recharged

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You refrigeration system charge is low causing the low pressure switch to shut the compressor off and on. You will probably find you have a small leak somewhere in the system. Check for leaks around the front condenser coil and around the compressor for wet oily spots. Have the air conditioning system recharged, but if it is leaking, the problem will return.

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Air conditioner Compressor clutch in sunfire goes on and off?

It is normal for it to cycle on and off. If, however it is cycling on and off rapidly then your system has a leak and is low of refrigerant. Have the leak repaired and the system recharged by a professional.

How do you fix a car's air conditioning system?

There is little the common person can do these days to fix an AC system in a car. With all the environmental regulations, the system must be hooked up to a recovery system, and recharged only by those who have the qualifications (and license sometimes) to do such kind of work.

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