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Is it expensive to change the AC to the new system or is there somewhere you can get the old system recharged?


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2008-12-01 12:46:01
2008-12-01 12:46:01

you can have it retrofitted at any garage that services a/c systems for around $200 - $300

The price varies as to the part of country you live in. Call a couple of local garages for estimates/ Retrofitting to the new freon is cheaper than charging with the old freon.


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Because it is too expensive to change and for the older generation it would be hard to convert from the system they are used to to the metric system.

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Business considered it to be too expensive to change over at that time.

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No, that would be too expensive. The new system will program it.

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This would be due to the fact that the system has a leak, it must be found and repaired then the system will need to be evacuated and recharged.......

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In the automotive industry freon is used in the air conditioning system. You need to take your vehicle to a shop if the system needs to be recharged.

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