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Yes, it is pretty expensive. Normally both parties pay the price of the call. Ask your cell network for the rates while 'roaming'. But it depends on the country and carrier. In Australia there is no charge to the called party for incoming calls. This is because you can't be charged for things you don't originate or have control over. Therefore, you can be called from anywhere in the world without charge. If you take your Australian cell phone to another country - then you start to incur international roaming which will cost.

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Q: Is it expensive to receive an international phone call on your cell phone?
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Does it cost to receive international call on your cell phone from a prepaid phone?


Does it cost to receive an international call from a satellite phone?

Probably not, but it depends on your telephone service provider.

Is it more expensive to call a cell phone from your home phone?

Not if it is within your country. If you are calling internationally, no matter what phone you use, it is going to be more expensive to call a mobile phone opposed to a landline overseas. Within the states, this is not an issue and you should receive normal billing from your home phone service provider.

Can you receive a phone call?

Yes you can receive...

How is an international phone call sent and received?

An international phone call is made by first dialing the country code, followed by the phone number. An international call is received by dialing the ok button.

How do you tell if you will receive a phone call?

The phone rings.

What does international out of area phone call mean?

An international/ out of area phone call is a call that is originating in one country and having a destination in another country.

How do you receive and send a mobile phone call?

wel, you get a phone and you call from it like an idiot.

Is it expensive for a UK resident to receive an international call from Australia on a mobile?

In general, a UK mobile user does not pay for incoming calls, no matter where they originate.

How can one receive call services?

There are many ways in which someone could receive call services. The best way to receive call services would be to get an answering machine or a phone with cell phone capability.

Is calling Windsor, Ontario from Toledo Ohio an International phone call?

Is calling Windsor, Ontario from Toledo, Ohio an International phone call?

What phone company has a plan for international calls?

There are many to choose from. You will probably want a land line phone for this, as a cell phone can be extremely expensive to use for this purpose. Call some local phone companies in your area and see if there are any specials.

What does it mean when your cell phone bill shows calls as an incoming call?

An incoming call is a phone you that you receive when someone calls your phone.

How does a phone receive call and texts from a distance?


How can you receive cheap international phone calls on a prepaid cell phone?

TracFone. When someone calls in, or you call out, it is still charged at one flat fee, and that is, you are charged 1 minute for every minute you talk.

Are waffles are your face?

If you are off duty and don't receive a 911 call but you receive a phone call, you are illegible to respond to the crime.

Does it cost money to receive international calls on a land line?

It does not cost money to receive international calls. This is because the person that makes the call is charged.

How do you receive a telephone call?

To receive a telephone call you need a few things. You first need a phone. You also will need a phone service provider to give your phone services. Once you have a provider they will assign you a telephone number. Share your telephone number with who you want to call you. When they call you you should hear a loud audible tone or noise coming from your phone, this is where you need to answer your phone. Congratulations, you have just received a phone call.

When you receive a call from another country who gets the charge for international calling?

Unless you accept a collect call, the caller will pay any applicable international tolls. (You may still pay for airtime on a cell phone, but only at the same rate as for other incoming calls.)

Do you get charged international rates for a skype call to your cell phone?


What does it mean when you receive a call on your cell phone call and the caller ID reads Blocked?

its a stalker

Can you receive a call when writing an email in a blackberry phone?

I am 95% sure you can.

How can you call medellin colombia from India?

by using a telephone or a mobile phone and placing an international call.

How to call from usa to a home phone in cienfuegos cuba?

There is only one way to call from the US to Cuba. You will have to have international called on your cell phone.

How do you call from Argentina?

what do you mean? by phone, Argentina has the international code: 054