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Is it good to chew gum everyday?


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i don't think it's good to chew gum everyday, so i just chew gum like 3 to 4 times a week


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We can chew gum because it is plastic. Plastic is very bad for your body and it can harm you. Gum can tasted good but it is bad for you.

A train made from gum is a Chew Chew train get it a CHEW CHEW train.

It just normal gum theres nothing good about it :D>

Yes because it exercises your jaw

I have braces myself, and im not suppose to chew gum. The only gum that you can chew that doesnt stick is the mentos gum, Trident and Stride.

what happens when you chew gum it obtains your brain. does it kill you

well.....Learn i chew gum lol. stare at the walls eat food at lunch. what else is there to do?

You chew bubble gum by sticking a piece in your mouth and munching on it. DO NOT SWALLOW! This is also how you chew any other kind of gum.

Whether or not you can chew gum is not related to the type of braces you have; it is because gum can get stuck in your braces. But, you are allowed to chew sugarless gum with braces.

You can't even have a permit to chew it, its completely illegal to chew gum

because it make you feel good

NO, You can't chew gum while fasting. As soon as you chew a gum while fasting your fast will break. But, if you're in fast for weight loss then if you think that gum helps you then you can go for it.

Usually They Can'tUsually, students are not allowed to chew gum in school. If a school allows students to chew gum, they are in a minority.

Yes because they export gum. They make gum in Algeria and then send it out, so I believe that they do chew gum there.

Depending on the gum type, the gum will dissolve or lose the flavor. If the gum brand is good then all it will do is lose flavor.

Gum is good and we chew it so it makes us happy

if you don't have a tooth brush or you cant afford it just buy a pack of gum then chew on it so your breath smells good

Don't chew gum eat a peppermint! whoevea wrote this i think that you should chew peppermint gum for u information!

People chew chewing gum so that they don't have to chew on pen tops or bit there finger nails. etc. Some chewing gum makes your breathe smell better which is why most people chew it. they also chew it to prevent plaque and gum disease.

Because they want the kids to be miserable and it makes a lot of noise. It's not disrespectful to a teacher to chew gum in class. It's disrespectful to a teacher to chew gum in class, after he/she says you cannot chew gum is class.

Actually, in Singapore you can chew gum. You just cannot sell gum. That is because people spit gum on the floor, they stick their gum all over the place. So you can chew gum, just make sure you throw it into a trashcan.

Chew gum, eat a light dinner and stay active.

So most people just chew gum for fun or because they like the flavors or something but chewing gum isn't all that good for you. So since you chew gum your stomach thinks there food coming but when it sees there is no food coming and your just chewing gum if will start eating away on acids in your stomach so it is ok to chew gum but not like every day!

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