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NO! Always wait atleast an hour before doing any kind of excercise. Believe me, you can have really bad cramps and I'm sure other things can happen as well. It doesn't hurt to wait a little, take a walk if you feel that bad. yes, if you eat healthily and then exercise it is the best way to lose weight, get fit and toned and increase your wellbeing

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Q: Is it good to eat and then exercise to burn it off?
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How can you lose weight and keep it off?

Good diet and exercise. Eat fewer calories than you burn. Exercise and build up muscle tone and mass.

Do you have to exercise right after you eat in order to burn the calories or can you burn them off later in the day?

You can burn them of later- but don't forget!:-)

Does working off calories with exercise work?

Yes! If you eat you take in calories. If you exercise, you burn calories. The problem is that many people eat too much and exercise too little.

At what time should you do exercise?

Do not exercise before you eat. Your best time to exercise would be an hour or two after eating because if you exercise before you eat you are puttin in the calories you just burned off and if you wait until after you eat your body will burn off what you just ate instead of holding it in reserve.

What will help to burn calories after one bad eating day?

Cardio exercise is a good way to burn off calories.

What food do you eat fatning and how much do you burn off?

well it depends what you eat really like if you were to drink a chocolate milkshake that has 104 calories. Go on a tredmill or a thi trainer it will burn off a good amount of calories and if that kind of exercise tells you that you burnt 104 calories you dont need to burn more or it will make you put on weight

How do you burn off 1000 calories?


What does exercise burn?

exercise burns off calories, fat and excess weight.

How do you burn off 1379.77 calories?

Through exercise.

How can you burn off 3500 calories?

Through exercise.

How can you burn fat off your'e body?


Can too much exercise cause weight gain?

not unless you eat more calories than you burn off while excercising.

What is the reason why it is necessary for humans to eat fat?

We must eat fat because when we play or exercise we burn our fat off and if we have none we will suffer from malnutrition,and that will end in death

What is the reason why it it necessary for humans to eat fat?

We must eat fat because when we play or exercise we burn our fat off and if we have none we will suffer from malnutrition,and that will end in death

How much exercise do you have to do to burn off 500kcals?

One hour of high intensity cardiovascular exercise

What is a good diet to get a flat belly fast?

Exercise daily and eat healthy. When I say healthy I mean apples fruits and vegetables and also eat low fat foods. This will help you burn off the fat you have on your stomach thus revealing your abs.

What is the amount of exercise you need to burn off a brownie?

3 years

How do you get skiny if your fat?

You need to watch the calories you eat and exercise. You need to take in fewer calories than you burn. If you take in 2000 calories but only burn off 1500, the extra goes to fat.

How do you burn your fat off fast?

Eat healthy food everyday like cous cous 3 times a day and healthy portions. NO SNACKS!&Drink lots of water and do lots of exercise(swimming is particularly good as well as running ) good luck :)

Whats the fastest way to burn off calories?

The fastest way to burn calories is to exercise by running or walking.

What are some good tips for weight loss for women ?

Cardiovascular exercises, such as cycling, jogging, treadmills, exercise bikes. Use these to burn fat and keep the fat off by continuing the exercise regimen

How do you lose 40 pounds in 6 weeks?

You have to burn off about 3,000 calories per day more than you take if you eat 2,000 calories per day, you need to burn off 5,000 calories through exercise/physical activity.

What do you do if you are thirteen and are overweight?

1. dont over-eat. 2. exercise, dont just eat and not burn it off 3. work out, find out the cost of your local gym and 4thly, DON'T BE A COUCH POTATO!

Why do you get fat?

You get fat because you eat more than you burn off with exercise. Cut out the junk food and sodas and energy drinks and other crap and eat smaller portions and you will start to lose weight.

How much exercise is needed to burn off 150 calories?

how much exercise is needed to burn 150 calories is 30:00 minutes but all you have to do is go to aon a treadmill about an hour