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I am a 17 year old in my freshman year of college right now. I agree that it depends on the maturity and readiness of the person. Honestly, you won't know that until you get there. But be warned that there are certain downsides to being a minor in college (especially if you're out-of-state.) Here are a couple of challenges I have run across: 1) Did you know that in many states, you can't buy medicine if you're under 18? I'm out of state, so my parents aren't around to do it for me. 2) It's sort of up in the air whether I can get a lease for an apartment next year, because of state laws here. 3) OK, so this isn't a problem that I've personally run into, but if you get in trouble as a minor, YOU GET IN TROUBLE. Not to mention all of the official "adults" around you...

I don't regret getting a head start on college at all. It was one of the best choices that I've ever made. But be warned, if you don't handle it in a mature, responsible way... it can completely backfire on you.


If a person possesses the necessary maturity to attend university, then yes, it's a good idea. The sooner he (or she) starts college, the sooner he will graduate and enter the work force, which is one extra year of earning power. If the student will be living away at school, consider the maturity factor carefully.

2013-03-13 21:23:00
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Q: Is it good to graduate from high school early and get a head start into college?
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Is there a minimum age at which you are allowed to graduate high school in Waco Texas or can you do so at 15 if you have all your credits?

In TX, you should be able to graduate even at 15 if you have ALL your credits. I assume this is from a public school. If the young person wishes to enter a jr college, she/he could also get a GED and start at a community college. There have been many cases of young people entering college below 17. We have such a ruling in Midland TX.

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