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If you allow and guide your child to be social when he is home schooled then I'm sure there would be no difficulty for him to attend the public college. You have to work out on the difference of home school and the public school i.e. being social to reduce your child difficulty. There are many students who are publically schooled from the beginning but still they are not that much interactive with others. So guide your kid to learn interaction with others.

Furthermore, today we have many institutes like UK open college which provides full freedom to their students in becoming social.

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Do teens like being homeschooled?

I was homeschooled since the 2nd grade up until 9th grade when I went to public school. I've had a lot of experiance being homeschooled. Homeschooling is great as long as you are involved in extra activities.

When did Bethany Hamilton stop being homeschooled?

After she graduated. After elementary school, she spent the rest of her school years being homeschooled

Was Janet Jackson homeschooled?

No, she first attended public school and then she attended private school after she began working on 'Good Times.' (She was being bullied).

What is the punishment for a parent that doesn't make their child attend school and is not being homeschooled?

prism and a big fine its a big deal now that they made it a law

Is Justin Bieber homeschooled why?

Yes, he is home schooled . He travels alot so he cant attend a school on a regular basis so most likely he is being tutored .

How many high school student are currently being homeschooled?

About 340,000 high school students are homeschooled in the United States. About 2.1 million children (grades K-12) are homeschooled in the United States.

If you are homeschooled how do you get a permit?

Being homeschooled should not interfere with your getting a permit. I've been homeschooled and got a permit... and now I have my license... All I did was go to our local driving school and make an appointment... the fact that I was homeschooled did not do anything...

How did Taylor swift go to school while being famous?

She did go to a regular school, before she was famous. After she became famous, and was still supposed to be in school, she became homeschooled. So she was homeschooled after she became famous.

Why did they invent school instead of kids being homeschooled?

I am pretty sure that it is because some parents may not HAVE education, so they sent their kids to public schools, where teachers HAD education.

Do the majority of persons who were homeschooled homeschool their own children?

Yes, I was homeschooled through highschool. I have a third and a first grader who we are teaching at home. I am homeschooled. My parents were not and thought that school was a huge waste of their time. I did go to school for K-6 and I had the hardest time. I am glad I am homeschooled and I plan to homeschool my kids, when I have them. Yes there is alot of people that homeschool throughout the country. It is becoming more and more prevelant these days because of the inherent problems with the public school system. No, not a majority. Some homeschooled adults resented being home school because they missed out on the public school experience or so they thought. Its not a easy decision to home school because you must have a primary bread winner stay at home with the kids. You must check in with the state and school system to be sure your teaching the children properly and that the children are learning on the proper scale. Its tough but rewarding and its a personal choice.

Are there any homeschoolers who regret being homeschooled?

i am homeschooled and i dont because my grades when through the roof. but you do get bord and want to go to normal school, well i do. but it helped me.

Is Bella Thorne Homeschooled?

yes she is currently being homeschooled

How old was Bethany Hamilton when she started homeschool?

She started being homeschooled after finishing elementary school

Is Demi Lovato dumb and being homeschooled?

No she is not dumb she is in a school i love demi lovato you rock DL

Can you attend a public school if you were expelled from a different one?

Yes. Being kicked out of one school does not automatically preclude you from attending another. However, it may affect yoru application for enrolling there.

Are homeschooled students suffering from being only subjected to their family members and no one their own age?

Students who are homeschooled are often socialized with other homeschooled students to broaden their social network. Homeschooling is a perfectly fine alternative to public schools, and students are not isolated from other peers.

Would a student being homeschooled have to take a test if you put them back in public school?

no they wont have to take a test because they just wont have too. but if your child has been home schooled they will be lacking in social skills and the school environment will be much harder than it would be if they started in school.

What school does Jordan jansen go to?

St brigids What?! Do he doesn't, liar! Jordan Jansen is being homeschooled. i think.

What is being homeschooled?

It means you are literally schooled at home. Instead of going to school to receive an education, your parents will teach you.

Why is Rebecca black getting homeschooled?

She was constantly being harassed by other students in her school after the video 'Friday' was released.

How many jobs is a 17 year old being homeschooled allowed?

A 17 year old who is being homeschooled should only have 1 job. This 1 job should be part time so that enough time can be devoted to school work.

What school is Nick Jonas currently attending?

Nick Jonas is currently being homeschooled as he is on tours and preforming his music with this brothers...

Did Taylor swift go to high school before being homeschooled?

She did go to high-school, until she started in the music business, and then she started home-schooling.

How do children learn most of their social skills?

By being around other children such as going to school or being in some sort of sport. Children who are homeschooled do not have this opportunity.

Can you be homeschooled for only one class then go to public school the rest?

yes you can becasue you dont really need to be home shcooled at all unless you drop out of highschool or whatever school for that matter. you can go to a school to study the classes you have not yet studied with out getting the classes you have studied while being home schooled.