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Yes it is, if you do one thing people will get mad at you but some will be happy with what you did. You can't make everyone happy at the same time.

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Q: Is it hard to make everyone happy?
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What should you do to make you sister happy?

make her food. always. food makes everyone happy

How hard is it to make Pichu happy in Pokemon diamond?

not hard

Is it happy weekend to everyone or happy weekend everyone?

"Happy weekend, everyone!"

What wouid you do if you become a queen?

i would make sure everyone was happy!

How do I make your wife happy?

You should be concentrating on how to make your wife happy, not anyone else's. Also, not everyone has a wife, some of us are girls!

Which is correct A everybody is happy B everyone are happy?

Both everyone and everybody take a singular verb everybody is happy everyone is happy

Utility of political science?

How to make everyone as happy as possible if it is utilitarism you are talking about.

Which is right Everybody is happy or Everybody are happy?

Everyone is happy. But it's probably better if you write: everyone is happy.

An alleged weakness of the majoritarian democratic model is its?

That you'll never make everyone happy.

What do you call a perfect society where government and laws work to make everyone happy?

A perfect society where government and law works to make everyone happy is Utopia.Utopia is a society where everything is perfect. The word was invented by Thomas Moore, a great renaissance thinker.

Are you a happy person?

I wouldn't say everyone is happy all the time though, everyone has their downtimes. But there is always someone that can share their happiness with the world, and those are just the best people. I wouldn't say i am really a happy person, but i do like to make others happy.

Do Jews have to be happy?

Everyone should be happy!