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Is it harmful for a pregnant woman to be around marijuana smoke?

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There is no effect on pregnancy. A study done in Jamaica of pregnant women showed no significant effects on the babies. It should be noted that the average use in Jamaica has been estimated as 28 times the average use in the US.

There have been tens of millions of people who have smoked marijuana in the US over the last several decades, including what must certainly be millions of pregnant women. In addition, marijuana is used routinely as a food and medicine in other countries, by both children and pregnant women. There is simply no evidence of any associated epidemic of problems with babies. so do drugs. We have more than enough evidence to establish that alcohol and tobacco are quite harmful to infants, while no such evidence exists for marijuana.

The largest study of the health effects to date was done by Kaiser Permanente. They surveyed the health records of 65,000 patients over a number of years. They found no significant differences between the health records of people who smoked pot and those who didn't.

2009-07-18 18:48:05
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Is it harmful for a pregnant women to smoke marijuana?

Yes, it is. It is harmful for anyone to smoke marijuana as it is a drug. Marijuana do even more harm to pregnant women as it can disable the baby, or cause miscarriages or death.

Is second hand marijuana smoke harmful to pregnant women?

I dont believe second hand Marijuana does anything bad to the baby when you are pregnant. Second hand smoke from Tobacco is infinitely worse for you than second hand Marijuana.

What is the least damaging smoke to breathe in and I know all smoke is harmful but which is the least harmful?

You are correct all smoke is harmful, but between these too, cigarettes and marijuana. Marijuana is least harmful.I hope this has helped you.

Is it harmful for a woman to be around marijuana mixed with tobacco smoke?

Second hand smoke does present some health risk.

What causes women to smoke marijuana while pregnant?

Nobody knows what causes women to smoke marijuana while they are pregnant.

Is vaporized marijuana smoke harmful?

Smoke of any kind can be harmful. Vaporizing marijuana as opposed to smoking a Marijuana Cigarette (joint, blunt, etc..) has been shown to be less harmful as the plant matter is not actually burned.

Is it more harmful to smoke marijuana leaves than smoking the bud?

More harmful? Marijuana isn't too harmful as it is besides the fact you smoke it. In vest in a vaporizer and you won't have to deal with 'harm'.

If you smoke marijuana can you still get pregnant?

Yes you can still get pregnant.

Is second hand marijuana smoke harmful to unborn babies?


Does marijuana effect the lungs?

All smoke that you put into your lungs is harmful to them, But marijuana is definitely one of the least harmful things you could be inhaling.

Is marijuana smoke as harmful to the lungs as tobacco smoke?

Marijuana has 3x as much tar as tobacco. Tar is what tends to cause lung cancer.

Is secondhand marijuana smoke harmful to children?

Yes, secondhand smoke of any kind is harmful to children. You should not be smoking marijuana or cigarettes for that matter in the presence of children, or even at all; it shows horrible responsibility and lack of caring/respect. If you smoke marijuana in front of children they are going to get the effects of the marijuana as well.

If a guy smoke marijuana can a girl get pregnant?


Can you get pregnant if your boy friend smoke marijuana?


Is marijuana second hand smoke worse than cigarrete second hand smoke?

No, marijuana second hand smoke is less harmful for you than tobacco smoke. Marijuana smoke does not contain the deadly carcinogens that cigarette smoke does. I heard on a documentary that there aren't any known cases of marijuana smoke alone causing lung cancer or emphysema. If someone is smoking weed around you then you don't really have anything to worry about.

Why can you smoke when you pregnant?

You cannot smoke while you are pregnant. No questions asked, no exceptions. This is fairly harmful to the child.

Does marijuana smoke have tar?

yes and thousands of other harmful chemicals

Does marijuana smoke harm snakes?

Of course. The smoke from all organic material is harmful to all biological creatures.

Can you smoke marijuana when your pregnant?

You can rephrase the question to "Should my unborn fetus smoke marijuana?". Because that is really what you are asking. If you get high the fetus get high. So the answer is no.

Does marijuana effect the baby when pregnant?

it wont but your child will smoke in the future

Can pregnant woman smoke marijuana?

You can rephrase the question to "Should my unborn fetus smoke marijuana?". Because that is really what you are asking. If you get high the fetus get high. So the answer is no.

Can Pregnant Women Smoke Hookah?

Smoking is universally harmful. More so for pregnant women.

Should you smoke marijuana during pregnancy?

It is harmful to smoke anything, or imbibe in alcoholic beverages while pregnant. All that stuff enters your bloodstream - it is from that very bloodstream that your baby in the womb survives upon ... you are feeding your unborn baby harmful chemicals ... stop before it's too late.

Is it okay for pregnant women to smoke?

no...the chemicals in the marijuana pass the placenta. Not ok.

Is marijuana good to smoke while pregnant?

I am not a doctor but there have been some studies done on this and the results seemed to show that children whose mothers smoked marijuana while pregnant grew up to be happier, more sociable and calmer than those children whose mothers did not smoke marijuana while pregnant.